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Who is still playing MM?
mm is fun sometimes, i play it here and there. can't really say that now though, i lost my rank because college schedule has be too busy
NiKo frustrated
rain appreciated?
Why Drugs
I don't know man I think weed is pretty great. just don't do enough drugs where you end up getting DD's hair style
what bbc stand for?
British Broadcasting Penis.
Is 2pac boring?
It's a goodie
Is 2pac boring?
2Pac isn't enough for me to enjoy his music as much as Biggie or other artists of that time. If We want to expand the argument into hip hop groups as well, which I argue is totally fair, I'd rather li...
Why AVANGAR so good?
good morning jamers let's get this bread
ESL One NY 2019 Winner?: Liquid CSGO Hours: 5131 Fav Player: Karrigan Fav Team: (I'm a fan of CS before a fan of a team) but for the sake of the question, Liquid TOP3 Players For you: (No specific...
First knife?
Gut Knife Ultraviolet. I bought it with birthday money, and it was pretty good float for a FT (0.16). Upgraded, downgraded, gambled, now I'm happy with my dream knife (ST BS Kara Ultraviolet). Yes I h...
If your heart was with vitality, imagine how awesome it would've been to get the diamond with them winning it all as your pick. that was my line of thought when i was picking who would win the past tw...
I mean I can care less about losing my diamond opportunity. I had Liquid win it both times and getting a gold for that reason is pretty fair. Hell, I always find it funny seeing NA players with diamon...
if liquid looses tomorrow
quite an assumption you made there
if liquid looses tomorrow
I haven't had liquid on my name in forever, man. In fact I don't think I've ever had it on. Good chance that I did like a year ago but I'm a fan of more than Liquid.
NEW FaZe Clan
I think the lineup is somewhat silly but two entry options is a meta lineup. The best teams have a majority of the players being able to entry
This Major succ
The major is running smoothly with minimal technical slip-ups, the matches have been great, production has been solid, I've thoroughly enjoyed this more than other majors.