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USA's weath is impressive?
I was jk hue
Why can't IGL's Frag
That’s like asking why the manager of a restaurant is not as good at making food as one of his cooks. He could probably do it, but that’s not his main role.
USA's weath is impressive?
He’s just mad because he can’t fart in public without getting arrested
OG set to sign autimatic and mixwell in replace of Poizon and ISSAA - Report
Whatever happened to wardell? I was hoping to see him get snatched up after Ghost fell apart.
metal knowledge test
deez nuts
Cloud 9 Death
I guess you could say that mixwell doesn’t.. mix well. Ba dum tss
Being poor sucks
The one good thing about being poor is that the people in your life are actually there because they like you for who you are, not your money.
US companies and China
Everything in life is a misunderstanding.
The population size is irrelevant. The amount of exposure CS:GO gets in NA is so low in comparison to EU.
2 countries + MarkE*
+1 EU has never instigated a fight first. This is 100% accurate because I am a data analyst for EU vs NA trash talking. I record every instance where niggas be throwin shade at each other. With that b...
It's because the scene is not as big here. CS:GO is like the soccer (football) of video games. I really wish it wasn't. It sucks being an American and knowing nobody that follows CS:GO. FeelsAloneMan
Twistzz worst life
This is why people need to learn to be smart with their finances. If I was Twistzz I'd be investing AT LEAST half of all of my income into a Roth IRA, index funds, and/or ETFs.
Why does there have to be a god to have meaning in your own life? Religion only divides us. You don't need it in order to possess decent morals and values. I know some people would lose their identity...
US Immigration Fix
You want to boost the economy? We need to legalize and regulate black market psychoactive substances to some extent. This would 1) massively help with our country's crippling debt 2) lower crime rates...