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Lil Skies
not a rapper, doesnt count
Lil Skies
he had to fall off to realise he needs to change some shit in his style. he no longer has the hype he had, same as xan. both fell off hard and lost majority of their fanbase. the only difference is,...
Lil Skies
thats acceptable, wearing comfortable cloathes for skating. however, if you prefer baggy jeans, instead of slim or skinny when you go into the public and have bald head.... thats not the way to look ...
Lil Skies
nooooo not really. what about J.I.D ? Denzel Curry?
Lil Skies
ohhhh, look , i offended a dude with no feel for fashion. how exciting. but at least you know the cringy bieber hair is bad, you got a point for that.
18+ Antidepressants
First of all, im not from NA. Second of all, I dont even smoke weed. I never said weed is solution to ANYTHING. I suggested weed since it has no REAL harm on your health, while antidepressant, like...
Lil Skies
i dont know, i dont follow him rlly. but if the new album gonna have more songs with new sounds, he might climb back to top and get hyped again tbh.
Lil Skies
How am I talking to you right now then?
Lil Skies
when should we throw a collab?
Lil Skies
he is repetitive. but if you claim this is like other songs from him... you didnt listen to the whole song. yes, the hook is kinda similar to his songs, but the verses arent
Lil Skies
not trying to ride his dick, but your girl would switch from you to him the second she had a chance lmao you probably one of those dudes with bald head, baggy jeans and XXL shirt
18+ Antidepressants
antidepressants xddd dude you never heard bout marijuana, did you
XXXTentacion Ski Mask The Slump God Denzel Curry Juicewrld scarlxrd XXXTENTACION - 777 (ft. Kid Trunks) ---> this one is actually dope, even if u hate x, u gotta listen
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