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NIP best fans
their actual lineup is the best one they had in years. They have awper, twist, he doesnt hit crazy shots like draken or maikelele, he is more lik allu, but he is consistant. He gets these easy shots t...
Valve please
From this day forward, i have.
Valve please
Classic Valve, nothing new. They might fix it after several more updates. I give them half a year.
Valve please
Valve please
Valve please
Maybe not everyone has a mommy or daddy to pay for it :( some people work their ass off to buy something, and in their eyes, its waste of hard worked money that they can spend any other more useful wa...
Valve please
Not everyone. 50% of my friends noticed it too. And there were several topics on this problem after the update on hltv too, before mine.
Valve please
You should since they are killing the game.
Womens smoking?
Vaping? Lmao. I would rather date a girl that smokes rather than a girl that vapes. Actually, i would run as fast as i can. Cuz people who vape are weird and cringy. No thank you.
Fps drop after update
Yes. Its terrible. How can they fuck up the fps by lowering gun prices and adding new maps lmaooo classic valve
What is the best move you've ever watched?
Watch. Cuz if u read, watching will not be so interesting after u read the books.But if u watch first, the books will have many things in it that the movies missed, more details, etc
What is the best move you've ever watched?
Story and ending are the weakest i ever seen in a film tho
What is the best move you've ever watched?
World war z is a complete trash imo it has no good qualities.
What is the best move you've ever watched?
Thanks for reminding me savibg private ryan even exists, gonna rewatch it today
What is the best move you've ever watched?
Im sad. People who havent seen/read lotr are missing on so much, unbelievable