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question for gay people
i guess he wanted to say something like "love is love, m8" but i agree the topic is dumb :D
100% PICKEMS AMA!?!?!?!?!?
+1 still great to see how valve did gather the munnez with the pickem bait strategy :D
agree. the only motivation he might have rn is to not get smacked by his parents if he will fuck up at school
CIS Shuffle
Most garbage shuffle idea ever. 0/10 u destroy just 3 teams with one suggestion
Greatest IGL
ok, u know nothing then about danish cs i guess.
navi cheating
xaxaxaxa much xaxa especially when a german speaks about someone cheating XDD
“Come at me CIS”
seems like we see a newfag i guess u dont know whats all about HR and ISSAA is around
who said he is leaving by himself? i didnt mean with might go out that he is leaving by himself. and where did u get the source of 500k? update: found it by myself. but still, its maybe not worth t...
who said he will go anywhere? :) and why should faze care about one of the riflers if they can get probably a better one>
well, maikelele and rain where been friends aswell. thanks to Maikel, Havard did get his slot to faze, and he didnt even say thanks or anything for creating such a career without any question. so, f...
as i heard from a friend of a faze player, there is some cold aura between the players, and there is some pressure around niko. it can happen some different shit but rn that is what i heard.
rain underperformed. instant we see some "analysts" of hltv to solve the problem rain is one of the strongest riflers u can get for a tier 1 team. its is not a reason to give him away now only beca...
bo4 > BF V
was some kinda puke. was expecting more out of that game after so many releases. seems like they are degrading in quality of games (ea etc)