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1IGL + 4 MG1 vs 5 GE
never underestimate those random pogs XDD
pro100 vs HellRaisers
funny that they did put in the wrong player on pro100 lineup. its fostar https://www.hltv.org/player/18456/fostar
1IGL + 4 MG1 vs 5 GE
sounds easy, but im sure ingame it would be not that kind of. Unless ur a rly unexperienced player, which got boosted to ge. well, maybe is ge now not more a measure of a rank.
1IGL + 4 MG1 vs 5 GE
2/10 even if u have a good igl, when ur team cant do much individually, chances are not that high to success
Na'Vi karma?
It was more of a karma situation for DE, since the whole lineup didnt extend their contracts with this org and moved to hardlegion. NaVi just did react about the overrated self esteem of the org.
bye Zellsis
only the true ones stay with csgo, only the believer mens!
Shaving [18+]
ahaha made me laugh hard XD best shot as a comment ive read today +rep
Scared to meet gf I met online
calm down, it happens that u gain weight, 25 kg is not that much, well, depends on ur height. otherwise if she does like ur personality, some changes on ur body would not make that much of an impact.
witcher 3
well, i cant disagree that everyone could have a different taste, sure. im used to play a lot of rpg games and i can only tell, that this game is one of the best out with this genre. good story with d...
witcher 3
what is wrong with you, mens. no offense, i came with peace <3
Navi fluke
i agree. and as i understand its one of the first online matches navi had since ages. its a huge dufference playing games online and on a lan tournament.