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yeah wtf happend to this match ecs are taking drugs right now, it doesnt make any fucking sense vs Red Reserve
Aha you're typically the kind of retard that spend his time baiting people and start discussions he cant win, I guess now you feel like youve won the argument while the guy really has argument unlike ... vs Red Reserve
haha mad toilet cleaner using the "game is dead" excuse just because his favorite team is dead, go play dota, at least vp isnt shit there
Top 10 teams 2018
lmao worst bait ever, NIP isnt quite in the top 10 btw, theyve been shit all year and only started to get decent results a month ago
North vs OpTic
typical online matches
Waterboys vs 3DMAX
Carlos is done with current g2 lineup and you know he is capable of everything to get what he wants
Sunny is disgusting !
retard?? He is the best player in mouz, just had an off game
yeah I agree that he isnt quite on simple level and people saying otherwise are just stupid and cant understand that dev1ce plays in the best team in the world and can play like a pussy and still win ...
mousesports vs Liquid
mouz is insane on mirage atm, better than liquid on it
The most carried pro ever yet he will stil shit talk after the game
mousesports vs Liquid
That was the dumbest way ever to play a 2v1
mousesports vs Liquid
It was Mouz's final to lose after the first map and theyve clearly lost it all by themselves, losing every pistols on both nuke and inferno and throwing a shit ton of EZ rounds, now theyre done and ti...
Maybe you just cant fucking accept that its a retarded way to talk about a team when you have no fucking business with it, you're a fucking random guy that will never achieve a shit so saying "we" whe...
mousesports vs Liquid
All Under 20hp, BfuckingG liquid is so Lucky and mouz throwing ez rounds again and again
An expression that is ONLY used by mentally ill fans like you who speak about a team like it's theirs and theyre part of it, and most of the time these are BR fans that use it, or really desesperate f...