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s1mple to Faze ?
ofc its a bait
Faze s1mple confirmed
If this move was in discussion it would have already been reported by everyone but nt
FaZe Xantares inc
LMAO, cant speak english, overrated FPL hero that boost his stats against tier 3 teams since years and cant be more than average at tier 1 level, yeah good idea
New Virtus.Pro
legit no improvment from old roster, need to stop go polish if they wanna be relevant again
New Vp lineup leaked
this Rumor is bullshit: Snax aint taking a spot in mouz main roster thats for sure, and vp should consi...
New Vp lineup leaked
nah 0/8 polish cs is dead, VP need to consider other options if they want to be decent again and your bait was bad
-karrigan +flusha
Literally give me the roster moves where pros decided to get money over a team that would fit them well and where they would have no communication problem + guaranted to have some succes, I give you a...
New Vp lineup leaked
yeah nt nt, Nothing tell us VP will be back so soon and that would actually be a trash lineup, not even close to what they should get to be decent again
Top5 Teams 2019
AHAHHAHA nt fag, imagine still overrating french scene in 2018 (almost 2019)
-karrigan +flusha
its what history has proven faggot, CS isnt like LOL or other gay games, pro scene has always been different there and the shuffle too
Kick Noah
lmao fucking retard, he is the CEO and not getting that autist of KNG is the best decision he could have take, KNG is the team destroyer and got forbidden from ever go into this team again, and rightl...
FaZe pick up seized ???
>reddit >next level this site is the definition of autism
-karrigan +flusha
newfags dont even know you, ive seen your shit for too long to still fall into it, youre pathetic
new faze
there is literally nobody he could realisticly replace in fnatic atm and he isnt in good from at all
-karrigan +flusha
he has absolutely no source he is just a stupid baiter that use shit assumption to make his nonsense points...