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Major HYPE
The major has lost a lot of importance over the years and the minor/legend system is absolutely fucked up
Worst #1 Team In History
True, just young aimers, thats not sustainable unfortunately and they will soon lose their rank,
G2 vs Liquid
1 hp away from going to the 5th map and probably losing yet another final as favorite, they got pretty lucky
G2 vs Liquid
Yeah not the most deserved win from liquid (struggled whole event against a lot of teams), its still a trophy but theyre clearly showing they will be easily beatable in the future, not even close to b...
G2 vs Liquid
nah but fucks this already gay2 let too many opportunities get away you can finish them liquid im done with this bo5
G2 vs Liquid
G2 vs Liquid
They don't have that winners aura, yeah it's weird to see the difference of cs being displayed from them between group stage/early playoff and finals+ this lineup has been around for a while they shou...
G2 vs Liquid
We know theyre one of the weakest hltv top1 we've ever had, it will just take some weeks/month for them to get out of this spot but there aren't any dominant team atm and the scene is pretty fucked up...
G2 vs Liquid
Man I hate g2 but that shit still tilted me, how the fuck can you play this bad a situation like this with this much importance
G2 vs Liquid
Man g2 with the fake comeback again, I wanted a 5th map fuck that trash team it could have been insane
G2 vs Liquid
G2 vs Liquid
NaVi best team in CSGO
No, im talking about the way theyre playing not about how they should on paper lol, otherwise I could give you 1000000 teams over the last years that should have won way more than they actually did, b...
G2 vs Liquid
Its ct sided map lol, gg g2 cant even beat chokequid in a final with homecrowd advantage at home