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Highest IQ player ever?
Why G2 losing
because they hard suck, kennys and shox overrated washed up players and rest is just bad, how is that still surprising? stop living in the past french scene is dead
NiP vs Vega Squadron
actually vega hard sucks this qual if you didnt see it, only win is a 16/14 against a 0/3 team
Trash Sweden roster
Faze s1mple
This has high chance to happen condidering the problems in navi and faze dont want to keep adren
2-2 Matchups
Nöje Swedish CS is just dead get over it, this fnatic lineup is already the closest you can get to a swedish superteam and u want to disband them as Soon as they lose a bo1 ...
2-2 Matchups
If c9, g2, nip, and fnatic fail
And he acts like he knows What he is doing on twitter when he clearly doesnt know shit about cs
2-2 Matchups
Inb4 the "legends" actually get rekt by these t2 teams, only liquid and astralis are pretty much safe and Can handle everything, rest could very much get rekt and play at this stage next major...
2-2 Matchups
Yeah lets just wait for the match ups to Come, im legit more worried for a top team when they play an underdog this qual, nothing make sense there
2-2 Matchups
They dont need to change anything, they just chocked bo1s against prepared underdogs, this literally happen to every team but astralis these days, they showed a lot of good things the last months and ...
2-2 Matchups
Flair checked out you gay
2-2 Matchups
Yeah no nt but your team suck ass go cry on nip's twitter
2-2 Matchups
Pretty sure this would be: TYLOO vs fnatic Winstrike Team vs Cloud9 ViCi Gaming vs NiP But elo always changing so i dont know why we cant have fnatic vs c9/nip for exemple
he is a whining bitch as usual