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shut up you BR fag
krimz in top 20
+1 insane that people still dare to underrate him
Are you retarded? He has top 5 LAN rating this year and spend his time carrying fnatic even in shit times, guess u never even dare to Watch him yet you talk
Top11 left
KRIMZ and NAF obviously
#11 2018
guardian or cold
KRIMZ will not be in top 20 this year
KRIMZ is at least top 10 this year, dont know where you come from but you're one shit baiter
NBA Fans (Predict)
lebron is the s1mple of NBA feelsBadMan
mibr.felps or mibr.fnx?
expected from br to care about his tier 3 teams
Real Top 15
and u didnt read my past comments about baiters and people that play an easy role I guess, and dont even try to act like this isnt a thing or doesnt impact stats at all
they will legit suck, ynk not a real coach and they could have find way better than adren, + the real problem of this team is mentallity and approach of the game, theyre not playing as a real team
Real Top 15
Only 1 tier 2 LAN event but nt lmao, also u imply things I didnt say but keep trying, coldzera top 10 player because he REALLY boosted his stats at ALL the tier 3 tourney MIBR attended this year? nice...
Real Top 15
? check LAN rating KRIMZ has a top 5 LAN rating and isnt a baiting choker like some of the dude you rate higher
Real Top 15
NAF FLY overrated choker and krimz underrated as fuck, dude has a top 5 LAN rating this year, people just always forget about him
why u cry kid? ure one of these 2Iq retards that were spamming him in the chat? get a life
Which god is right???