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Just a dude who loves a good game of cs and wants to help grow cs in SA especially in Argentina
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malmo crowd??
Yea this is odd
why i browse HLTV
ur point is?
why i browse HLTV
Judging other people solely on the social media they use 🤡🤡🤡
The worst city in your country
Not the worst but New York is so overhyped, it’s dirty, crowded and not that many interesting things
The worst city in your country
+1 heard many nice things
The worst city in your country
Wasn’t the city ruin by soviets?
what 2 do to get anger out
Nice bump but being outside with my dog helps
Not a series but Lord of the Rings trilogy
thank you for your blessing of making sure i never come back, have a nice day :)
1) you don’t have to be annoying and nitpick that calling USA America is wrong, you know what I mean 2) when I mean nobody I didn’t mean literally nobody I meant is as comparison to the USA because m...
If big government control is leftism, then was Hitler and Mussolini a leftist?????? Also Argentina was never richer then America in its history, especially before the 20th century since practically no...
yea call me bait cause you cant counter my argument, and seeing how you type i can tell your leaning to the right, dont call me cringe when you lean to the right
are you stupid or are you stupid, 120 years ago the soviet union didn't even exist, and they were the first leftist nation, Colombia has never been leftist, Venezuela turned socialist when Chavez beca...
fr, to many ignorant
maybe, to many corrupt officials running the country to the ground, but thats every south american country