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FaZe vs G2
If FaZe manage to lose this, they should just disband tbh
G2 vs FaZe
They have a chance to get dust2 if the FaZe from the BIG game shows up
Will Olof be the only legend of all majors?
Ye but he returned to FNC (w/ disco doplan, twist, olofm and Dennis) before that major (ELEAGUE 2017) and managed to get a top4 there while flusha and JW got eliminated in groups
Winstrike vs fnatic
Xizt is legitimately terrible both as leader and as player, how does he still have a career?
olof not a superstar anymore
It took you this long to reach this conclusion? He hasn't been anywhere near as good as any superstar since he returned from his injury. olof is just a washed-up mediocrity amidst a sea of players wh...
FaZe vs mousesports
Is it a rule of NA events to have at least one substantial delay every day? An issue before the games even start lmfao
olof & KRiMZ
I mean, not a single other true duo that can be named even comes close to their legendary chemistry and team play in fnatic, or even to their joint achievements Now just need flusha to return to his...
Space Soldiers vs BIG
BIG, SS or both?
North vs Vega Squadron
and that's not accounting for how terrible jR is as an AWPer
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
train... Looks pretty bad for faze
FaZe vs Liquid
Sorry if this has been answered before but how does the pick-ban work?
major predictions
Do you have any reasoning for your picks? Why an FNC/C9 finals and FaZe not even in the major, for instance?
fnatic vs OpTic
So where is the fabled firepower of mixwell?
GODSENT vs AlienTech
AT's economic management is terrible
GODSENT vs AlienTech
Yes, because GODSENT won't expect that the 4th time in 10 seconds in the same round - _-