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What languages do you speak?
Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrian (literally the same expect for accent and a few words xD) English, a bit of Italian and Japanese.
wtf man that seems so unbalanced, u train lats only 1 time per week? there will be 0 gains
anime haters come here
Naruto is far from masterpiece. The show is SOOOOOOOOO inconsistent, and the filler is just... It started out great, and it just got worse later on.
anime haters come here
And when u watch porn u jerk off to pixels, too. Am I mentally ill then, too?
anime haters come here
Try watching Code Geass, Death Note, FMAB, Hunter x Hunter, Cowboy Bebpop, NGE etc. Will change ur opinion of anime.
Astralis cheating?
gla1ve is good at commading, thats how
Atheists come here
Let me ask you this first. Do you believe in religion, or God? I believe in the latter.
CS:GO Update Leak :}
not bad for a kid actually lol
Non-“racists” come here
Well, only idiots would dismiss a man who is twice as intelligent, competent or skilled as a white man, only because of race.
Done with csgo forever
Ur own bad u got 7 days, no need to blame the game. It doesn't just give you a straight 7 days ban, first its 30 min, then 2h, then 24, then 7 days.
True words, speaks you. Agree with them, I do. Oh ,almighty HRP_Is_Boring, more wisdom of yours, please share do.
Your Desk Height?
Here, fixed the post for you ^^ ''my fucking current fucking desk is fucking 0,82cm and fucking I'm seeing a fucking nice desk but it is fucking 0,75cm and I'm fucking 1,92cm it's a fucking nice de...
best Anime opening ?
ofc, cant wait for next ep
best Anime opening ?
Wtf nobody said ''kys weebs'' yet, did they put these comments on instaban or something? If so then great.
best Anime opening ?
Damn how could I forget papa bone daddy