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Donald Trumps deal
''You must not follow American politics closely enough.'' That's the thing, 90% of the voters don't. I don't follow American news (from what it looks like, the news shit on Trump on a daily basis), ...
Donald Trumps deal
This way he gains more support from the people, while the democrats lose it for valuing money over children. The art of the deal, Mr. President.
800 dpi 1.30 sens
750 dpi 1.53 Blame the Deathadder for 750 dpi
[+18] + HIGH IQ ONLY
cya, n00b -Timmy the Fortniter
[+18] + HIGH IQ ONLY
Me no pretend. Is arrive now, yes?
189 cm 115 kg
180cm 63 kg
[+18] + HIGH IQ ONLY
me interest real
[+18] + HIGH IQ ONLY
Support communism
iBP arena is weird
I remember kng
Vitality fix
Obviously yes if you have nerves of absolute steel, too bad absolutely nobody has these and panics whenever they face a rush when the stakes are high.
device aimlock ?
If hes using it then kudos for not being the best player in the world even when cheating. Obviously not though.
Denmark csgo
What OP means is that Denmark has so many good players and these players' talents are wasted in tier 3 teams that won't get anywhere, while their talents rot.
How simple could be #1
How simple could be #1
S1mple has better rating than device in Majors, too :D I'll check the final later most likely, pretty sure s1mple has better stats there.
How simple could be #1 Against ...