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International teams
I guess patriotism > winning for the mindless drones. People should be fan of good CS. I just imagine a team with fallen, cold, fer, niko and simple, how beautiful would that be?
Please fallen, stop the excuses
SK is back babies
They didn't get another brazilian because they don't consider whatever is available is good enough for their level (or they had bad blood with them). Remember it was going to be simple and flamie? I ...
SK is back babies
Kinda saw a few fistbumps there though. Give them a couple months to fix the communicating in game and i think they will be in a roll, stewies mechanical skills are beastly.
SK is back babies
Fer's english might be the best one in the team from what I heard him, he just gives very few interviews. Boltz I have no idea. Coldzera I know for a fact has horrific english.
SK is back babies
Beating no name tier 10 team should be no biggie for them even as they are. Still its nice to see they are working on the team.
asstralis blatantly walling
If by walling you mean they are pressing SS players against a wall and mindlesly assfucking them, I guess they are "walling".
Boyfriend went to the movies
Bad baito, guys don't act like that (OP sounds like one of those crazy girlfriends), even gay guys are still guys fundamentally.
Sadly true, female rosters can never qualify against tier 9000 male teams, but they are always allowed to participate in the tournaments. Whereas female only tournaments will accept females only. I ...
There is only CS and Female CS, there is no "male CS only".
Best casting duo
SK s1mple
It is funny, but still, will be funnier because simple will never achieve anything while Navi is holding him down. But then again, as long as his salary is paid he is happy right?
FalleN tweet
Maybe the pressure on him was too hard, maybe Taco couldnt practice single deatmatch hard enough (lost motivations etc), maybe his innate reaction time just isn't high enough, we'll never know now. H...
FalleN tweet
Taco has actually been a very long overdue kick if you are impartially looking at things. Yes he did his job but every fucking time he has a 1v1 he would lose it, EVERY ONE OF IT. I know it because I ...
FalleN tweet
I totally understand your point, but they just cant find any talent in their level in BR, I actually saw that comming at some point as the NA talents started to show up. I think this will end up as a ...