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No audience in Malmö?
Very late even.
anders & moses
James and DDK are my personal favorites.
Anders and Semmler were a fun duo to hear to. Do miss him, always assumed he had some personal problems with Anders, but my assumptions have no real evidence behind it.
Shox GOD
Apparently you have missed a lot of SK vs G2 matches where he is just single clicking peoples heads off, that or fake flagger.
Relaxa senao nao encaixa :)
can u guys name some of the best teams on inferno?
I swear to god, every time they play inferno it feels like its gonna be a bad game, and when they decide for god knows what reason to pick it themselves I just facepalm at home.
can u guys name some of the best teams on inferno?
It has been their "yeah we gonna play it even though we always lose on it" map for months now. They never learn.
mibr has always been about fer
Ah, a fakeflagger, should have guessed.
mibr has always been about fer
You do realize there are tons of jews, generations of them even, living in brazil right. If it is so bad I wonder why they have not left yet.
Transgender GF
The biological evidence for this is crystal clear, you are just as bad as the religious nutjobs, except for your own ideology.
140e if liquid wins. Astralis cant beat liquid
Rip bro :(
Calling something an "era" is very subjective, unless there is an actual official consensus, no one really ever had an "era", just some good times till they dropped from the top.
It was a bit before fnx got kicked (problems started there), but I agree the most stable period they had was with the old lineup. After fnx it was just peaks and lows.
Coldzera - The only left
It will depend on how he does in an international team communication wise. I don't think he is any genius, but he is one of the most hard working pros in the CS scene ever, which is what I believe dr...