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Am i dying need help
If it makes you feel better, if you had that pain for 5 hours and are still alive, your heart is fine. Chest pain can be so many things, the most common is due to intestinal /stomachal gases, a bunch...
Help! Who pick map first in bo3?
Wasn't there knife rounds back then? Is it still used?
Coldzera on Faze
What the fuck did I just read
Liquid may have it's "brazilian flair" but liquid and mibr are completely different teams, I am not saying mibr will rekt astralis, but this should be a very interesting game.
Best support player
There is a limited ammount of frags, you cant have everyone in the team have 50 frags in a game, I would say a good support is someone in a team that consistently wins and sets up their fraggers with ...
G2 will abuse Complexity
G2 getting buttfucked rn son, like raw.
Female major
Come back when you want to discuss my points, reality is what it is, not what we want it to be.
Female major
It is nowhere near the time of a female major to happen, the point of a major is to have all the best CS teams fight each other so we can all celebrate the best of the best in the end. It is pointless...
Which loss was worse? Faze or Mibr?
Well the Mibr vs Tyloo was fun to watch even with the mibr loss and the Faze vs Big was just plain boring af. Just saying.
Considering every other "legend" team got absolutelly shit on by the challengers, that wasn't that bad really. gg
Legends are all getting shit on, maybe it is time they start reviewing their seeding methods.
Legends Stage pick'em
What is this sorcery sir?! So far looking good /thumbs up
This major = shit
what happens after you die? (No religion answers!)
The world goes on as if nothing even happened.