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Taco going too far
You are missing the point by a mile, the point is "We will never know now", because they are artificially decreasing the difficulty one needs to qualify by barring some teams and not others based on n...
Taco going too far
Well they did not fairly qualify because it was rigged from the start. But hey at least we get to see a no namer that will get roflstomped later on get a spot instead of a team that could potentially ...
For someone that was so happy about bringing karrigan in he sure decided to jump ship early, I don't know what is up but I legit lost some respect for cold there, unless there is a very strong reason ...
Nitro will not come back, at least not in the near future so, yeah. They better make shit work with what they have. Its okay to not be a liquid fan though, im not and my life is great.
Zonic tweet
Likely disband, and start a new roster from younger players. Device was wise enough to jump ship as it started to sink (internal problems, lack of motivation from other players, etc etc), not that dif...
Faze practicing vertigo
Vertigo is a garbage map, but since it is in the pool, might as well learn it.
Cold pics compilation
Cool stuff
Reason for online events?
Well there is nothing stopping them from instead of paying for a huge arena, just renting out some dudes garage (or house, a la cs summit) in Cologne and having Majors and all that fun stuff, until we...
Faze wtf
You must be confusing the showdown teams that didn't qualify for the finals and will have an absolute bloodbath to decide which...
Hard to do mens, the aimlock is inside his brain.
Good point, they might also be running out of steam, it is not uncommon for a team that stays in the top for so long to lose motivation, they are already legends and won everything etc. Tough.
I guess they had some kind of plan that never worked out, or/and they had wrong info. I don't know, they didnt get stomped in vertigo, so if they picked something like inferno (or really even nuke) th...
Picking train against someone is not much unlike picking nuke against someone, you better be fucking sure, because the CT side can be monstruous.
Furia 100% win on train, Astralis picks train. Sounds like a major underestimating of your opponents to me, they could have picked anyfuckingthing else.