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some shitty ass bhop clipz
i love that one second delay after you shoot for them to die
Ben's Anime Team vs Riot Squad
remember when fns bragged about 200k salary LUL
Ascent vs Ben's Anime Team
imagine being in the best na team in 2014 5 years later you're with a russian, no namers, and a weeb. >feelsteelman
bernie sanders #Bernie2020
Hell yeah brother! everyone just thinks of him as guy who wants to give $1k a month to everyone but he actually has the best policies and ideas. He is also climbing the polls and very active! Yang Gan...
Racism to Asians
fix your country
ctl f: Yang 0/0, im shocked, but he is truly what usa needs- you mention a few of his policies and plans (energy, vat tax, universal background checks for guns, -decriminalize opioids and legalize mar...
Greta Thunberg
+1 bitch team flashed the shit outta me
Getting a job
true as long as you dont have history of stealing, getting fired for dumb shit, just need to have couple brain cells and show up on time for retail jobs
Getting a job
interviews easy- if its one on one- just be a normal person- dont put on too much of a show- ask questions too about the position and just show a little knowledge about the product, you dont have to l...
well theres different types of iq my dude
Cloud9 vs eUnited
Freak is gonna clap their cheeks so hard, C9 Jack is gonna want a piece of it and get him back and move to Australia since its summer there and then ride the wave. 👍👍👍👍
you have to be buddah to not get mad on faceit solo que
Good job brother, once you accept your fate you can move on... and believe it or not this is all a dream, and not even your dream but the demi-gods dream. There is yoga for the body and also for the ...
I'm lost
eat a burger to clear your mind, talk with your parents or a mentor/counselor. life is pretty meaningless unless you give it a meaning. gl brother and dont buy bitcoin, litecoin is better 👍
Sharks vs Cloud9
meyern to 40 bomb and still lose
i'm taking a philosophy class in uni in couple weeks, what should I bring to class?