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1 month esea
It’s is clearly 100% not possible to uprank even to lvl 4 5 in faceit even... And on esea ... the biggest joke comes more toxic and worser players then In faceit ... when I just watch 30 secs the mo...
Ropz 14K hours in cs?!
wwwwooow i got same hours
Ropz 14K hours in cs?!
i got almost 9k hours... but i play not bad tbh... proof it or i kill you
ez for ukraine
i bet on ukraine on 1:0 and on turkey... i think i lost... right
mousesports vs m1x
fpl players are better then real pros... never think that is such possible match versus wladik top aim
CSGO Pro Girls
russia has the best girls ;) all other shit face
when does MM actually get good lol
lol wait... is it possilbe to get supreme without cheats??? when i was playing on my account it had red trust factor ... and i got hvh players ... and then i bought myself a privat hack and was so m...
5k dgl @faceit
yes i made it for it... was the plan to see again how many kids are playing cs... i dont even care about cs... as you can see in the viedeo i used dgl with music ingame... ppl are talking ingame like ...
5k dgl @faceit
this game is boring yes.. because youre right... everyone sucks... ppl in esportal acutaly think they are gods in cs... but realize swedish players they have a 5ping difference? i watch every day ale...
5k dgl @faceit
hopefuly we will see it one time... in esportal or something... where is my assimov dude xD i gifted to you and you riped your skins off
5k dgl @faceit
sen türksun demi
5k dgl @faceit
ye crosshair says much abotu skill....
5k dgl @faceit
type your monitor gpu cpu here... and res...
5k dgl @faceit
add inc... accept bro
5k dgl @faceit
i can play on any lvl on cs... this cummnity is just retarded... seeing 75% in faceit who doesnt has idea to play cs... the lvl 9 gettign queued with lvl 5 and doesnt even know the basics in cs... ca...