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Ninja earns 500k/month
How am i jealous, i said im not hating he earned his shit.
Ninja earns 500k/month
Cant you read lol i said no hate he earned his shit
help me
dont be a pussy you have prob so much time ahead of you and so much more opportunities than a lot of other people in the world in poor countries, so man up
How to be carried for 27 months
He did great throughout his time tbh
Ninja earns 500k/month
lmfao just checked, highest is cali with 13 fucking percent. no wonder no rich person wants to stay in rich eu countries
Ninja earns 500k/month
aren't there diffrent tax percentages in diffrent states?
Ninja earns 500k/month
he got lucky but still earned it tbf, hes pretty skilled kinda a likeable guy a little bit obnoxious but still there are a lot worse streamers out there
Ninja earns 500k/month
yea lets say he makes a mil a year, no idea what tax percentage he has but in germany for example its 47 percent for top earners. so it would be around 500k
Cs champions league
Ninja earns 500k/month
He secured his and his family‘s future why should we not admire it? Dunno why some people always find something negative to say
Ninja earns 500k/month
He secured his future with an online game, dunno how you can hate on it
Faze kardashian
get baited
Ninja earns 500k/month
I dont get jelly over someones success. I admire it to be honest.
Faze kardashian
But in the end they earn more in one month than you and your family in a year. So stop hating you pussy
Ninja earns 500k/month
yea got definitely got lucky but at the same time he earned his shit. Fortnite literally secured his and his families future