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Girl problem </3
well 8/10 is exaggerated. only about 5/10
SSD Disk
typ disc in your windows search it should come up with disc cleanup with C SSD drive and D HDD or vice versa
Why -Boltz
i thought only cold was
Stewie2k choice
if he could choose cold or fallen he would choose cold. Stewie has said nothing but how amazing and great cold is since he joined. EZ for Baitzera
Tarik to MIBR
Ska Tim Rush
Someone explain to me what this is about Tarik go to miBR
Not a very reliable source, often wrong. Not yet guaranteed. Boltz was never good at english (Even fucking trolls in RankS wouldn't pick him because he is so fat he breaths hard in his mic and can bar...
Rip C9
He has lost motivation he is still a god if he wants to be and could join liquid or mibr if he wanted to but he just doesn't enjoy it like he used to.
C9 jerseys look sick
thanks. You saying I never lose just like my flair?
C9 jerseys look sick
name checks out
Players You Hate (and why)
The story from dazed is that Ska was the only one against it and agreed not to tell on them but also didn't want to be involved with it.
As of now but mixwell said that they wanted to play with a potential replacement and not just a stand-in. therefor Styko.
i think he means that rush and ska can become more star players now.
Atheists = Liars
In terms of attraction women often choose mates who are kind and caring to others because it means that they are more likely to be treated well and protected. Therefor moral people are more likely to ...
could win a major
I don't believe in god
Believing in God with our current science is just as logical as being agnostic. I think you mean athiest