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I will tell IQ 2.0
1. good 2. bad, if some one murder my family i'll want to torture and kill that person but i don't want the governement to help me 3. i hate war but now that it's started it will take a lot of time to...
I'll guess your CS:GO hours
Age: 17 Year Started playing CS:GO: 2016 MM Rank: MG1 ESEA/FaceIT rank: I don't play Faceit/esea Best CS:GO Team of all time: Fnatic or Astralis
Top 5 football clubs in ur country
yes, very impressive
Top 5 football clubs in ur country
yes they did, but they won't pass the barça imo
Top 5 football clubs in ur country
well in the scoreboard, Lille is better but i think Lyon is a bit better if they play against eachother
Top 5 football clubs in ur country
Historically: Olympique de Marseille Paris St Germain Olympique Lyonnais Stade de Reims St-Etienne Atm: Paris Lille Lyon St-Etienne Montpellier
rate my pickem.
I honestly think NRG or Ence are pretty solid teams, maybe enough to go 3-0
rate my pickem.
I don't think G2 will 3-0, I'm not even sure they will qualifie imo
link ur fav song ever
really ?
link ur fav song ever
french come here
mee too
I'll Rate Your Favorite Albums
Labour of Love 1 by UB40
Ribery disrespectful
he said it because people were insulting him for eating a steak who was expensive, i won't blame him fot that
Ribery disrespectful
you're an idiot, first, Ribery went to a famous restaurant and ordered a 1.200€ beef piece (which happened to be "only" 478€ but the journalist who revealed it is an idiot) then Audrey Pulvard (a fren...