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USA - Education
Well I think that we aren’t spending enough on education. The teachers protesting in Oklahoma show that.
I think Eminem said himself that white people shouldn't say "Nigga" thats why he does not use it in his music
best song
best song
Overrated, but a decent song
best song
best song
Overused, please try to find something different
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Pronax > Friberg Pronax has 3 majors, Friberg only has 1, so pronax is obviously better
top3 diss songs
1. Bobby Shmurda - “Hot Nigga” Pretty much roasted himself
If Koreans embrace CSGO
Yes I understand. But I want to go back to people who dedicate themselves to basketball so much, it’s really the only thing they care about. That is a big risk itself. One year of college is not enoug...
SA dream team
I rate your countries greatest inventions
If Koreans embrace CSGO
I understand where you come from, Lin’s opportunity was pretty much luck since 2 of NYKs guards were injured. But you can apply the same for CSGO like Ben Simmons. We knew Niko was a beast in Mouz and...
If Koreans embrace CSGO
People even at college still usually dedicate themselves to just sports. For example, Ben Simmons, a basketball player only went to one year of college so meet the requirement of entering the NBA draf...
Quote Game
Buzz light year How can mirrors be real if our eyes arent
I dont think we won the war I think we won the war or the allies