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Mibr -fer +???
v$m, kNg or KSCERATO
YOUR TOP 3 fav CS(GO) players
So hard.. but I go with: 1. FalleN 2. f0rest 3. coldzera
Color Blind
Take a look to this clip, looks like he does not see the green color on the wagon on Train:
Respect Brazil
Brazilian "pão de queijo" from Minas Gerais, something like cheese bread, taste it once and u'll never forget!
FalleN Stream
Fallen donated money from his own before the stream, the stream donates was a complement to the final value. They got something around 4k dollars on the stream, not too much. A few days before the Str...
Brazilian toxic
+1 Because of some idiots we're called toxic
Brazilian toxic
Bating or not. I do not believe this, the Brazilian is just stupid and does not measure their actions, they does things without thinking. actually, we like foreigners, regardless of nationality.
Brazilian toxic
This is not the first time he has made a mistake. He keep with this idiocy while there are people to watch him. I respect his story, and everything he has achieved in such a short time, but he needs t...
Brazilian toxic
The worse community indeed. It is unfortunate that we Brazilians are seen as bad people because of idiots like this guy.
I think it's only on Europe
Danger Zone Dead?
Playing all the day here, max of 1.2 min waiting.
I'll r8 your fav music
O Que Sobrou Do Céu (Rappa) - Brazil
Just Do It!!
Closest well known city to you?
"Closest WELL KNOWN city to you?" I live in a big city in the state of Minas Gerais, called Juiz de Fora. There's a lot of city nearby but the well known one is Rio, at least for foreigns. But, near ...
The country is shit for you because of you only, don't blame other people for do they choices. I study and worked hard to go away from this shithole. And I say this because I've been through horrible ...