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Liquid fans
As someone who has been a fan of liquid since 2015 it’s great to see my favorite team finally hit that number one spot, but it sucks seeing all the shitters put on the liquid flair and behave like dum...
G2 almost won
+1 I also see a lot of Europeans shit talking liquid for being “lucky” or “worst top 1.” I really don’t know when cs became eu vs na but it’s making it really hard to find actual conversation about t...
I see, I didnt watch the hellraisers game so I couldn’t really say if it was luck or not but if liquid had been in the position Astralis was in on vertigo and lost, you probably would have called it a...
What exactly makes liquid lucky? I’ve seen a few threads talking about how lucky they are but I don’t quite understand
Vitality vs Liquid
I don’t think we were in any danger of seeing Astralis win this tourney
I’m gay af
You ever won a 1v5?
I’ve 1v5’d twice that I can remember. Once was a deaco round where my opponents just ran at me one at a time like goobers, and one with an AWP where my opponents once again ran at me like goobers. I l...
Liquid Fix
Billie Eilish
Why do so many people say she has a great voice? I’ve only heard her whispering and mumbling while autotuned to hell.
shittest career?
NA come here
the whole state is pretty damn flat and empty but I can’t complain.
NA come here
TACO LEAK ?!?!?!??!?!
my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
i will rate your flair
2 NA teams in top 5?
#5 if they win and #4 if mouz loses. you realize they're playing mouz right?