Aspire to to a part-time caster or analyst. If not, I'll just get an actual career.
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Team Liquid
So, every team is trash? -Placed well at the major while they had zews stand in -Won cs_summit after getting NAF -Made semis to both tournaments they've attended since Alongside fnatic and FaZe, the...
NAF Twistzz steel stanislaw moose (AWPer)
porn superteam
+1 the core became Team Spirit. Under the name 'Team YP' (family show), they made it to the main qualifier for MLG Columbus.
i rate ur country
Thanks m8 :)
i rate ur country
Canada please?
I think NBK's reaction is completely reasonable. No one wants to get kicked off this roster. But shox wants to make a team that is willing to adapt and try new things while NBK wants to continue on as...
Stats wise he is on this website. And he's had the most impact in Team Liquid for the past three tournaments. So you might need some proof to back up your claim.
Dust2 return
Dust 2 is extremely impractical for tactical teams and wins are based more on aim than any other aspects. This is because of the low skybox and the fact that you can't throw utility into the b site fr...
Where is Vega?
Did not attend any qualifiers other than StarSeries Season 4, which they placed 3-4 and did not get to attend
GOLDEN: "I stay."
Hope it's true. fnatic don't need Xizt ruining them
PENTA in Kato and Cologne 15 was worse. Same with CLG at MLG Colombus and Gambit at Cologne 16 EDIT: Didn't mention BUG Clan cause everyone else already mentioned it.
NA fortnite players
Alright I guess I was wrong. But we will see if he truly is the best through time.
fnatic will be top 1 again
Would have happened if fnatic didn't decide to replace Golden with Xizt. Sorry, but Xizt isn't going to let that happen.
How to fix Dying CSGO
The part about the mappool would freak out all of the pro players. And Valve are not going to spend another dime on the game, especially for having 128 MM servers and the chance to not gain money from...
Girls in csgo...
Betas willing to carry girl gamers to top ranks just for the chance that these girls to notice them.