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Aspire to to a part-time caster or analyst. If not, I'll just get an actual career.
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I guess your IQ
I guess your IQ
Country: Canada Sens: 2.4 Current Mental State: Motivated Favourite CSGO Team: Liquid/Astralis Left or Right: Right EDIT: Would be interesting to know your thought process in determining iq
It's made for insomniacs
stanislaw THE TRUTH
Np enjoy the popcorn
stanislaw THE TRUTH
Danes started speaking Danish to each other in game, refused to speak in English about whatever secret they were talking about, did not try to fix any cohesion problems, and wanted stan and Shaz gone ...
HLTV corrupted
Well, if Astralis beats the two other best teams before winning the tournament in BO3s (FaZe and fnatic), then it's fair to say that they are the best team. Also, Since when was a DreamHack Masters t...
Getting rid of Mirage and Cache at the same time? As much as I would like these maps to be updated, they're perfectly fine the way they are and getting rid of both would significantly buff tactical te...
Depends on where you live in the world. EU: French, German, Russian Asia: GL HF Africa: French + Custom Country languages SA: Spanish
battle royale games
It's a repetitive process, but the combination of large amounts of players, casual play, intense stress as the number of players decrease and the thrill of staying alive and winning makes BR games hig...
"Both rifler and awper"
1. s1mple 2. coldzera 3. device 4. oskar 5. mixwell 6. nitr0 7. tarik 8. flamie 9. dupreeh 10. Snax / paz EDIT: This is based on how well they perform in this role and how frequently they submit to t...
I like nuke as a map, but it's quite gimmicky and lacks a lot of variety and entertainment. That being said, I believe Cobble is worse because of poor map balance, long rotations, and the entire B sit...
draw a pro Drawing get's progressively worse (just a heads-up)
biggest onliner from ur country
Reason why I added him last on the list. He performs well at LAN, but has better performances online. Not as bad as the others I mentioned, but it's still statistically proven.
biggest onliner from ur country
Subroza Other notable onliners from NA teams = moose, Jonji, Twistzz
My Boston major predictions
+1 Good points. Maybe NiP could make it out of EU minor with BO3s (Then again, they have to make it to the Minor first, which they've failed to do twice).