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mibr 0-3
xD taco MVP nice analysis
I bet all on syman and de
Your real name?
Edson Arantes do Nascimento
Remove AWP
$4750 for a defense-only weapon seems pretty fair to me whilst for $2700~3300 you can buy scoped all-around guns.
Remove AWP
try retaking or opening a bombsite with an AWP
kNg to mibr
it's not. All POV's are valid. One's rep doesn't speak for one's true personality, but it really doesn't help to build a good image for yourself worldwide if you can't properly express yourself not on...
I make fun of your country
this is more like it, harsh enough.
I make fun of your country
expected more, nt
I make fun of your country
BR 2x0 Argentina
1st worlders come now
300 MBps download / 150 MBps upload for $35/month (VIVO Fibra) here in the 3rd world. How does that compare to the 1st world?
+arT -FalleN
Our danish friend here has a good point. arT's style works perfectly agains worst teams because he and his teammates will out aim everyone and whenever his agresseveness goes wrong, simply the informa...
s1mple "critics"
surely s1mple would enjoy himself much more by winning a single map with a knife kill rather than the whole bo3 versus the top1 team in the world. I see where you are coming from here, but remember t...
s1mple "critics"
too hard for p1mple "fans" to understand
Hey S1mple! Thanks for the quality stream. I'm watching with my son and you have become his mentor. He is going into baseball so he's learning how to throw like a pro from you! Thanks again!