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swedish superteam
Olof Krimz JW Flusha Pronax forever
swedish superteam
Draken is probably a better fit than f0rest since you left JW out.
swedish superteam
Godsent is kind of the talent farm for Sweden right now I feel. Each of the players on that team are really strong but don't really mesh together very well. Twist was good on that Eleague Fnatic lineu...
swedish superteam
In a team with superstars like in the OP I think he could be worth having on the team. He has great impact but is maybe a little lighter in the fragging department than the star players. But he played...
-mertz +JUGi
-Gade +Valde should be enough. Cajun is a solid backbone for the team. Valde, K0nfig and Jugi as madfraggers should be enough for this team.
SK vs OpTic
No choke here, just a new team with an inexperienced player (Gade) making mistakes. This whole match says far more about SK than it does OpTic.
Most missed roster?
The problem was that they had no IGL. It was a neat lineup with great players but they had no proper IGL. This lineup with Karrigan instead of maikelele would be pretty good though, obviously not as g...
Tempo Storm fans
He's better than decent. Overhyped or not he deserves credit. He's getting kind of old, but he's still extremely consistent and can AWP at high levels. He's not top 10 AWPer or anything but I think he...
Tempo Storm fans
Fox is a pretty damn good player. Portugal doesn't have a very big presence in the international scene so it's not so weird that Portuguese people want to support him.
k0nfig now toxic
Magisk is a better fit for Astralis anyway, K0nfig is really erratic and doesn't really fit the structured style of Astralis.
Olof 2015 / early 2016 > everyone
Danish superteam?
K0nfig is a phenomenal player and one of the best in Denmark, but he would not fit the playstyle of Astralis. They are way too discplined and regimented compared to his erratic and aggressive style of...
Danish superteam?
K0nfig is a great player but he is way too erratic and aggressive to fit into Astralis. They are too disciplined for the way he plays.
-karrigan PLEASE
Yeah, Faze was SOOOOO good before Karrigan, sure. The whole "put a bunch of superstar players together without an experienced IGL" thing just doesn't work. Sure, the current lineup has stronger player...
about krimz
If you want to discount online performances that's fine, although Xantares is a bad example since Space Soldiers have only started competing consistently against T1 teams recently. He's had good rati...