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Ben Shapiro OBLITERATES pro-murder leftist
It's not the fact that it's a video game forum, it's the level of discourse. Look at the posts in here and it instantly proves my point.
Ben Shapiro OBLITERATES pro-murder leftist
If you honestly think this is a good place to discuss politics then I don't think there is anything else left to be said.
Ben Shapiro OBLITERATES pro-murder leftist
i too like to get in arguments about politics on a video game forum populated by angry 12 year olds
Keep the Fragsters guys in mind, Stavn is pretty sick.
FaZe Academy
I mean this 100% unironically: -frozen +Karrigan They need a leader.
Keep in mind S1mple has to clutch a lot more than Xyp9x. Xyp9x is in considerably less clutch situations.
It's between him and Olof for best CS:GO player. To me, Olof is smarter, but S1mple has better and (near) perfect mechanics. Best CS player is still F0rest, with how consistently high his level of per...
Dev1ce LMAO
Gla1ve is the most valuable player this year. S1mple is the most mechanically skilled. Device is a fantastically skilled and consistent player, but he is not the most valuable player for Astralis and ...
2015 Fnatic vs Astralis
I don't know man, Olof was pretty mean with that pre-patch TEC-9.
2015 Fnatic vs Astralis
It's hard to say because the CS they were playing with Karrigan was very different from the CS they're playing under Gla1ve.
2015 Fnatic vs Astralis
I like Astralis, but come on man. That lineup was unstoppable. Part of me kind of want them to assemble the lineup with Pronax again, even if I know it wouldn't work.
Faze is astralis's kryptonite
Olof is still pretty damn good too. It's mostly an overall team problem, imo.
Is Astralis killing the scene?
Sigh. Reminds me of fnatic destroying people like six tournaments in a row while people were whining about them. Then, as tournaments started having different winners and there was less of a one-team-...
Astralis bad
when olof and NiKo on fire they are unbeatable
Luminosity vs AVANGAR
Fuck all y'all, go Steel!