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xyp9x looks fine
MSL would look totally normal if he shaved his hair off tbh
"Woke" people come here
bro you just posted cringe
Astralis vs NiP
Balck people why
Are you white and male? Then they were simply using correct descriptors to greet you!
The problem is that you assume alcohol is the ONLY way to make you tolerate life. There are other ways that do not have destructive effects on your body. You are caught in what's called "wicked thinki...
I like that you ignore that the team demonstrably got better by adding Golden, both times. It doesn't matter if you think he's good or not, or if Flusha had a great performance at Katowice (like a sta...
Fnatic were awful before he joined them the first time, and the second time. They instantly started getting better placements after each event after him joining, and eventually they won Katowice and W...
Such an awful IGL. As soon as Threat couldn't give as much input, or as soon as he left the team, their tactics and calls went in the trash, and he never proved himself on Fnatic. That being said, I t...
I'd love to see where those "Golden is overrated" people are now. He's not an amazing fragger, but he quite simply makes Fnatic a much better team (which was ALWAYS obvious) and they have no better ch...
Sweden, where is crowd))))
Yep, I've gone twice and both times a lot of people came over from Copenhagen, and the attendance was much larger when NiP was playing. I'm not even a NiP fan but the 2016 event was best since the cro...
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
oof, rough game for xyp and gla1ve
He's still good, but I think he needs an IGL that knows where to put him. Also, language barrier is a problem. Interestingly I always thought Calyx was the more versatile player out of that Space Sold...
first time having sex
Use protection and make sure to communicate so you both have a good time : - ) Oh and don't feel pressured, this is your first time together so you'll have plenty more tries to get better at it.
Astralis 5 Majors
Obviously if he had rejoined North he would've beaten Astralis in the finals but he didn't : - )
mibr > avangers
They still had good showings and entertaining games. It's not like he was trash or anything, the team roles just didn't fit as well without FNX.