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JW is pretty inconsistent on the AWP, too. Better than Draken probably, but not by much imo.
Free BnTeT and xccurate
Come on now. Tyloo have steadily been getting better and better over time now ever since we first saw them at Dreamhack Masters Malmö. Let them improve together. I want to see this squad go further. A...
Yeah I can see that. Though I think it's worth remembering that JW wasn't exactly a perfect AWPer either, he would also often go for those ridiculous peeks that Draken does. But he's probably more con...
JW is a great rifler so I don't feel like he's being wasted, but you're right, Draken is very inconsistent. I would much rather have Twist on the AWP but I guess he said no. Fnatic Disco Doplan maybe?
Vega Squadron vs fnatic
Except Krimz. That dude is a legend
-device when???
I don't really care what highlights in that one game upsets you. I don't think he's a perfect player, and I'm not even a big fan of him. Look at his tournament ratings. They have no reason to get rid ...
-device when???
He's too consistent for Astralis to drop him. He fits their system perfectly, even if he isn't a super flashy AWPer or doesn't have the highs of a KennyS, a S1mple or a Guardian. For this reason, unle...
Snappi worst IGL?
Historically, I would say he is a good IGL, but not a great one. But that doesn't mean he will fit in every team or that the team chemistry is good. To me it just seems like OpTic lacks discipline and...
OpTiC laugh thread
Jugi pretty underwhelming this series honestly.
TYLOO vs Virtus.pro
I get the feeling Tyloo will destroy them. I will not be totally shocked if I'm wrong but I feel like VP is still in a transitionary period and aren't totally comfortable since they have a stand-in.
In general he has been really good on Optic. People forget how solid of a rifle and pistol player he is.
unfollowed Rlewis and thorin
As personalities I dislike both of them. However, I did like this article that Thorin wrote recently ( https://www.vpesports.com/csgo/thorins-take-niko-and-stoicism-for-super-stars/ ), and some of his...
best entry fragger?
Used to be K0nfig. He kinda sucks right now though.
Predictions on Astralis x NaVi ELEAGUE Final
2-1 for Astralis if Device and Dupreeh show up. 2-1 for NaVi if they don't.
-device +jugi when
Really? I feel like he always goes missing when they hit playoffs, or at least semis.