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EnVyUs vs G2
I think bodyy is okay but I think they need more of an aimer to complete the roster since Smithzz will be a support player / playing bitch roles. Scream / Kio / Zywoo / RPK is probably the most logica...
EnVyUs vs G2
Dude almost always shows up on lan, really underrated (even if Faze did dick them down earlier).
Most Difficult Languages To Learn In The World
I think maybe we underestimate it because we all grow up with English media so we kind of learn by watching. There's a lot of stupid grammar rules that apparently makes it really difficult if you were...
When I saw him playing in the PGL Major and one or two tournaments before that, it was similar to seeing prime Olofmeister, though obviously not JUST as good, but close. Great AWPer, great rifler and ...
He's certainly not as consistent as he used to be, but he's still a great player and probably the player that has held a high level for the longest time. I hope he never leaves CS.
I feel like there's plenty of talent to pull from in Brazil aside from KNG. Luminosity has some good players, if they're willing to part with them.
IGLs that actually frag
I think ChrisJ might be a special case because even though he is technically the IGL, it seems like the rest of the team has a lot of input as well. At least that's what he said once, it could've chan...
Enyoy vs Virtus.pro
Pronax is a legend but he should've moved to either a coach role or like a talent recruiting role long ago. Early Godsent is evidence that he is great at finding talent, honestly he should've started ...
shox the drama guy
Kio is as good as he's ever been. He was good on FaZe when he was kicked, the only reason they did it was because of the brand value of Olof who is on about an even skill level with him, if not a litt...
Natus Vincere vs GODSENT
Godsent is basically a Swedish mix team at this point. Betting on them would be insane because it's just 5 talented players running around trying to make plays, which is entirely unpredictable.
shox the drama guy
I would take Kio over Apex. Apex is very inconsistent.
BnTeT and xccurate [Thoughts]
Replace Ska for Xccurate on AWP just to have a team that is Tarik and his league of asians
Will fnatic keep this form Up?
Probably not, I see them remaining top 8 though and beating some big names in BO3s.
FaZe vs fnatic
Definitely a possibility. Depends on how hard Niko shows up on Mirage, he used to be a beast on that map with Mouz.
Fragsters vs GODSENT
I don't think his mistake was not joining NiP, his team had potential back then and NiP kept blaming their 5th for their own problems and was changing them out like twice a year. I think perhaps a big...