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legends that should retire
The only one I would say that is beyond his years is Flusha. He's still got the brain, makes smart plays and plays 1vX situations well, but he gets outaimed all the time. I think he's got until summer...
Natus Vincere vs Gambit
Yeah but I just feel like Navi are usually so dominant on that map, moreso than Gambit. Depends on S1mple I guess.
Is sk tired??
Is it so weird to think that Mousesports is just a great fucking Mirage team? Maybe I'm misremembering but in my mind they always give SK great competition on Mirage.
Natus Vincere vs Gambit
Gambit are just really strong on Overpass. Navi are really strong on Mirage. This should go to three maps, I actually don't know who is best on Train. Gambit used to be good on it but I don't know now...
Astralis vs Liquid
More like NAF = Magisk. Magisk is not an onliner though, only reason he did bad in North is because they gave all his positions to Aizy and then Aizy failed to perform.
Inexperience is an issue when he's competing with more experienced players. He might be doing really well now but he could easily fall apart on a big stage. Nobody knows because Heroic has never made ...
He's pretty young and inexperienced, and the rumor is that his buyout is pretty high. So high skill ceiling high price, but pretty unproven at higher levels of CS. I'm sure he'll be a part of a shuffl...
Dupreeh humblest pro ?
"most humblest" is a stupid discussion to have, but i did always think he seemed like a good guy in his player profile video
Golden is pretty good. He's still kind of a newbie on this level of CS but I thought he held up pretty well in that BO3 versus SK. Definitely better than Pronax, and a better IGL than Xizt.
aizy laugh thread
Yes Cajun is much more stable. He doesn't even need to AWP, either. He's great on pistols and a solid rifler, and by all accounts a great teammate (and secondary caller on North I thought?).
Cool to see Felps making up for that Inferno game. Let's not forget how good he is, even if he didn't fit in perfectly in SK. Hope he goes to 100T, he can make up for KNG for sure.
Innocent, Pick em
Envy > Misfits and Flipsid3 > Vega. Never doubt Flipside.
Olof And Fnatic Best Player And Team In CS:GO History
I mean, that's all the data we have to work with. You either accept it or concede that we just can't know.
Olof And Fnatic Best Player And Team In CS:GO History
Cold and Olof are different players. Olof was much more aggressive, and at his prime he could handle literally any weapon and do serious damage with it. However, Colds consistency is insane, and his p...
Olof And Fnatic Best Player And Team In CS:GO History
Your question was simply who SK can't beat regularly. SK may be a better team overall than G2, but that does not change the fact that his answer to your question was correct. Stop moving the goalposts...