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Tabsen smartest?
ok swedededede
Tabsen smartest?
who cars lol xantares hard carry these jerman bots
2666mhz ram vs 3000
Oh that's true, completely forgot about that. Hope this guy isn't getting a a320 tho, the thing is if the bottleneck is in the gpu ram speed on make that much of a diff
2666mhz ram vs 3000
Are you only gaming? Buy 2666mhz of a decent brand and you should be able to oc it up to 3000mhz with no big issues...
2666mhz ram vs 3000
desktop users come
Did you do what he said about disk management? You have to assign a letter to the your new hdd.
Pros after retire
They become streamers until they fall into obscurity
masturbation isn't the problem ...
masturbation isn't the problem
The dopamine bomb isn't a problem itself, but having it twice, thrice a day isn't good for you, just to prevent some guy come to correct me.
masturbation isn't the problem
I partly agree with you but in my opinion the main concern around pornography is that it's very addictive for some people, watching it now and then of couse will do no harm.
masturbation isn't the problem
Yes, that's pretty obvious. Watching porn gives your brain a dopamine bomb...
DonHaci is a garbage user.
What exactly are you whining about idiot? If you think he deserves the ban than it's over, he deserves the hate he gets as well, first for being dumb enough not to turn vac off, second for even instal...