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what do u mean, Brazil is 30th, Armenia isn't even on the list
Best English speaking country to live
Yes, little shit, I've been. If you think an European company would rather hire your Latin ass instead of a European you're delusional.
Best English speaking country to live
Ok, good luck utilizing your shit argentinian degree and getting hired in Europe so you can get away from your collapsing country lol.
fuck 6 men rosters
Do you really care about this shit?
Best English speaking country to live
Because they're European mate, Latin Americans don't get treated the same way.
Is CS going to die?
NA scene is shit so who cares.
Teacher called me a womanizer
7, when I was this age all old ladies used to tell me that as well.
I think I wasn't clear on what I said, for sure he can make the numbers on the balance go up like everyone else, but he isn't gonna come even close to look as buff as a 180cm person while both have ba...
-broky +FalleN
Fallen's 30 in a few months, is married and has lived in the United States for more than 5 years now, dude's not gonna do shit on FaZe.
So about NiKo...
Living peacefully in Israel?
Yes, you're. Please send picture of vegana.
Yup, my mate is 198cm, dude's already suffering from back problems, he can't gain weight properly and it's a suffering to find clothes that fits on him, everyday he says he wish he was 10 cm shorter.
Joe Biden hates smart people