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S1mple typical retarded slav
Washed up swedish should not be able tp reply here
S1mple typical retarded slav
Lmao, who is he killing?
Am i rasist?
S1mple typical retarded slav
You really are a fucking loser if you judge that Everyone does it, you fuckers just care too much lol
mibr ablej, faze cold, fallen no multifaces
VINI best br player?
he is one of the bests for sure but yuurih is also talented
fer's mibr can work
But that is a dumb thing to think about because its not happening, cold is leaving and fer is staying so i dont het your point Cold doesnt even want to play for this brand
kennyS awp
every delusional g2 fan says this biased opinion
240hz vs 144hz wortHhHh?
I recomend you go for a good 144hz 1ms so your input lag will make up for you and 240hz will not be "needed"
240hz vs 144hz wortHhHh?
60 to 144 is a must 144 to 240 if you already have a insane setup and money
I hope kng joins, when he is in form, he is a insane awper Newfags will say furia members but we all know they will not change now
kennyS awp
S1mple way better, also guardian on his prime is way better Not talking only about awp, i mean overall as a player, skillwise and all that But if you consider only awp, than yes only s1mple is better ...
fer's mibr can work
They need ppl that want to play for them Lucas1 and kng want that, its their dream While cold doesnt want that and get all his teammates down with him
fer's mibr can work
-cold +kng Mibr back to tier 1
coldzera leaves MIBR in your language
Geladeira deixa mibr