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-Taco -Lucas1 +Boltz +Felps
Sure, this is the point of the discussion anyway. Yes, they need player changing, the one they have now is obviously not working. But unfortunately I think they need Fallen to step up. What I don't ge...
-Taco -Lucas1 +Boltz +Felps
This basically a mix of the previous Immortals host and sk. Felps + Bolts + Lucas was already together and couldn't win against Sk (maybe 1 or 2 games?) and now adding Fer and Fallen, it is kinda goo...
-Taco -Lucas1 +Boltz +Felps
Lol, true.
zywoo and s1mple
Meh, s1mple fanboys. He has 1 mvp and 3 evp this year, and 0 tournament wins. You guys are blind. "But he can get one more mvp" Well, and Zywoo got 4 mvps and 4 evps and a few tournament wins. Even El...
Matchfixing in CS:GO
we had several match fixing scandals in esports. Some top players from Korea got arrested for that. The player “life” from sc2 was at one point the best player, and he got involved in matchfixing. Sc ...
zywoo and s1mple
No chance, even with the mvp
s1mple esports player of the year nominee
Didn’t he? The last game had 2 or 3 team kills, I don’t recall who did it tho.
s1mple esports player of the year nominee
s1mple esports player of the year nominee
Yes, but he still performs well against top teams besides his inconsistency. Still better than simple this year.
s1mple esports player of the year nominee
Entry kills is relates to being an Awper, and not about “not baiting” Fallen was the one with highest percentage of entry kills in 2016 because he was an aggressive awper, the same for s1mple.
ZywOo potential
S1mple has a fat face tho.
Zywoo overrated
Zywoo is not baiting.
Well... He got a rating of 1.99 and still lost the second map, he can't carry THAT hard.
Opening kills are due to being an Awper. Otherwise Fallen would have been one of the top entry fraggera in 2016
It’s not the same, not at all, s1mple is not an entry fragger. Zywoo is indeed better than S1mple.