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Your National Hero
Your National Hero
Lula. Ask any brazilian and they will confirm 100%
ESL Belo Horizonte
I'm from Sao Paulo and I'll be there :D I have relatives living in Belo Horizonte, so sometimes I go there to visit them. My tip is, if you're going to land in Tancredo Neves airport, just take the b...
Iran and israel war
well, there's nothing else holding Iran of bombing Israel, except that Israel probably (almost surely) has potential to do a nuke and drop it on Iran. Their fear might be as well as our salvation or o...
R8 ME 0/10
R8 ME 0/10
6/10 bruh no homo
everytime a brazilian team loses to a tier 10000 team someone comes with this excuse. Windigo won because NTC played terribly. Simple as that.
Allu "TwoFaced" Jalilski
I honestly cried on 1:05.
Liquid ShahZam?
unlikely to happen I think, but would be a good trade imo.
100 Thieves
just forget that all this happened, disband, and get back to Brazil to play amateur leagues again.
Proudly homophobic
reported glhf
KNG Not a bad guy
Oh man, just stop saying he did nothing wrong. Stop with that overlooking every fucking time he does something wrong. He delays for game in finals: "oh but immortals didn't handle it well". he threa...
Ask a ukrainian about Ukraine
That was actually interesting and sad. Having a direct border with a country that their people and leader think like that is so fucking dangerous.
Ask a ukrainian about Ukraine
If I'm asking is because I don't know and I'm curious to know your pov.
Ask a ukrainian about Ukraine
what does ukrainians mostly think about russian people? Like, for example, in Brazil we have a common sense about argentinians as being stupid, unpolite, etc. What's like around there with your neighb...