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Bettor from 2014 year (start on cs lounge). My biggest win: https://prnt.sc/r1ef3q (bet on bets net in rubles. 1$=63 rub)
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Dignitas vs forZe
ah,when i bet on dognitas i forgot about the fact that these are crazy cretins
OG vs Spirit
nice pick og. nice 4 ct rounds
Izako Boars vs BLUEJAYS
Nordavind vs Gambit Youngsters
"Are u idiot"- a typical 10-year-old child on hltv who can't argue with arguments and immediately gets called shit. lol. real navi suck to HL too-after this u wonna say "HL tier 1 team"? kekw.
Nordavind vs Gambit Youngsters
lul. navi academy just shit (tier 3 or lower). they (navi) even can't win againt espada/crazy
Nordavind vs Gambit Youngsters
strong on tier 100 events?) strong ONLY vs useless gospadarov or vs useless seized. "Have ambition" sure,but now it's common tier 2-3 team
Nordavind vs Gambit Youngsters
nope dude. i didn't bet on this,but think gy overrated
Nordavind vs Gambit Youngsters
nice luck gambot. i hope norda will fuck them on 2nd/3rd maps
NAVI Junior vs Gambit Youngsters
if navi get 7 as ct and T pistols-they can win this shit. i think they prepared for gy
Hard Legion vs Cyber Legacy
Nice 2nd map throw.....
Excellency vs BIG Academy
lose to eco and 4 v 2. yea yea yea
NAVI Junior vs BIG Academy
7.52 prematch on bets net :D
NAVI Junior vs BIG Academy
Lol. Something wrong with u if u bet big money on tournament which team play 4 nothing. Moreover, you bet on a small coefficient to win a penny. It is obvious that at the tournament,without a large pr...
NAVI Junior vs BIG Academy
Yep, he is. I gift report about him every single post <3
NAVI Junior vs BIG Academy
1.10 bettor was punish.....