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how fat is too fat?
Female CSGO nudes and racism
"and every girl in the community were doing the same things as i did, because every girl want to show how good looking she is, and wants to get boys attention" wow, shoes have higher iq than she does
Female CSGO nudes and racism
I want too
Islam hate?
lol, it's not my fault that you deem those people who had died in those terriorists attacts caused by muslims not worthy even mentioning
Islam hate?
but those terrorists attacks still happen, and those people still die and it's not just that, it's much more, but you are blind to it
Islam hate?
Islam hate?
aha, so just because there is a different problem that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, means that it's fine for all those muslims to keep terrorizing Europeans citizens and killing them? lma...
Islam hate?
what? all the terrorists attacts caused by them aren't enough proof? what has all the kids during Ariana Grande's concert ever done to get murdered? they all should get deported back to their 3rd worl...
Islam hate?
just not being stupid
Islam hate?
"the worst what a muslim will do is politely ask you to stop the noise and invite you to a cup of tea with him" I think you meant to say that they will blow your house up
Islam Hated Countries
Hate level 2: Poland Refuse to take in any refugees. Every country should follow their example, at least so many innocent people wouldn't be blown to pieces
Bot Koosta
wow, Germany is really fucked
Islam for women
Oh, so they have a problem? You know that birth control isn't tic-tacks? It may wreak havoc on a woman's body. Some cannot take it because of the side-effects. Either grow up, or fuck a rubber doll if...
Islam for women
2 birth controls is more then none, isn't it? If a guy doesn't want to be a daddy then he either doesn't have sex or use a condom. It's that simple.