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predictions for major main qualify
3-0: NRG, coL 3-1: G2, Vitality, CR4ZY 3-2: forZe, mouz, FURIA 2-3: North, AVANGAR, Grayhound 1-3: HR, Syman, TYLOO 0-3: DE, INTZ
Syman 0-3
Syman pulled the big brain play of not showing any sick strats before major. also raregods cheat lol
ninja did 4/08
I mean, I'm no fan of Fortnite for sure, but of any game, I'm pretty sure the most cartoony, unrealistic shooting game isn't responsible for the dehumanization of people in the minds of mass shooters....
Germany xd
Didn't know it was mibr lol, I'm fairly new to the whole shitposting side of hltv
Germany xd
Who is this dude lmao. It's gotta be one sad fucker with like 9 accs.
Best team logos
(No particular order) G2 Luminosity Fnatic 2nd Heroic Logo Astralis Edit: +Grayhound
5 ft. People come here
Even if he's been humiliated his whole life, it wasn't at the hands of these people in this bagel shop. He is his own worst enemy in this situation because he's making himself look like an ass, which ...
Short man rage
The short guy is totally in the wrong. He shouldn't be judged so quick for his height, true, but that doesn't give him the right to be an asshole to innocent bystanders in a public place.
sergej new team leaked ???
ence is sponsored by logitech
why is zywoo so good?
i honestly feel bad that ur so shit at the game that you can't deal with a decent awper lmao
I create a super team
Yes, thank you brother SANJI is our god in Uzbekistan why have SANJI and 4 other shitty Uzbek players like CEKKA when you can have 5 SANJI's
I create a super team
Good luck lmao
AdreN is problem,
Everyone roots for the underdog until they actually win, then people get pissy about it being a fluke. Same happened with ENCE, people saying they are a joke, but they consistently beat top teams.
how did you find hltv?
the link on liquipedia for matches