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Top 20 players of 2018
Dupreeh deserved major too
Top 20 players of 2018
Device is not better than s1mple and here's why S1mple gets mvps for tourneys he's not even won Device gets MVPs he doesn't deserve (Major biggest example)
k0nfig toxic? (video)
Just a meme jeez ofc the german has no sense of humour
Make your own Team
IGL - Gla1ve AWP - Wardell Support - Kio Rifler - Konfig Rifler - NAF or Twistzz
LDLC cheating
I mean if you watched lower tier CS, you would've seen LDLC gradually improving finishing better and better every event, or at least performing better vs different teams
LDLC the new BIG?
i think they split between maps you can tell when he IGLs and doesnt IGL tho
Cost Astralis?
at least $2
life is boring
Symptom of depression my brother see someone before it's too late
MiBR fixes
what i mean is, rain and niko arent SUPPOSED to be the only 2, guardian and olof were brought on because they also have the skill to be star players
MiBR fixes
How is guardian not a star? Niko is a star, Rain is a star and Guardian is a star Karrigan is a top igl, or was until recently, and has shown that he can show up in numbers, but in terms of igl, I wo...
MiBR fixes
But do you think the tatazin is much better?
MiBR fixes
FaZe and astralis both are made of 5 stars, they are good
MiBR fixes
who tf is tatazin and why do you want him? 1.07 rating vs br? Ksc (cant spell his name) on furia has like 1.27 vs br
SK New Line?
never said that he could fit with kazaks, i dont think he could, but im sure he can speak english well enough to comm in game - if you can't you have no right to be pro imo, it limits your opportuniti...
BIG is the most unlikable team
I like mouz, but oskar looks like he's 40 and fed up of his dead end job, ropz and sunny are good but they're kinda just... there Before C9 styko was just this shit retard with no personality ChrisJ s...