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HLTV Official Pick'em Discussion Thread
Gambit didn't win a single prac game before Krakow, we don't know how anything will turn out
HLTV Official Pick'em Discussion Thread
I mean there is, they could go 3-1, 3-2, 2-3 or 1-3
HLTV Official Pick'em Discussion Thread
There will obviously be upsets, I feel like FaZe and NAVI will fail to reach the playoffs but I don't know who else would make it between teams like HR, NIP and C9 so I went with what *should* happen
HLTV Official Pick'em Discussion Thread
Ast. 3-0 CoL 0-3 NRG Liquid ENCE MIBR FaZe BIG NAVI
+18 Penis
Because we all knew it wasn't really what they made it out to be
If NIP lose...
Need one of C9, NiP or G2 to win for 5 pickems correct
Best rapper alive?
How can he be the best when he's just making up words as he goes along? I don't think any of those are real words lol
Lets play a game?
United Kingdom
not really how it went down in c9 is it though?
Blocked by Richard Lewis
Will do then :D
new faceit
For premium members, Free faceit is for griefers and hackers
24hr ban
Good thing I have faceit, but was playing with someone who hasn't got it and doesn't intend to...
24hr ban
I said I was banned for TK read #13 Besides, I didn't over react, I said 'idiot' and that was it, he was the one who over reacted. After that he shot me down to low hp and blocked me the rest of the ...
24hr ban
24hrs because I teamkilled. The guy kept blocking so one time I shot him so I could clutch then after that he stood in a molly i threw and then walked in front while i shot at someone. Edit: I won t...
24hr ban
Depends on the person, I find it more enjoyable to win and I mess around/have fun with friends on other games.