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UK Come Here
It's not on CN, it's by nickelodeon, and it's been around since the mid 00's so yes it's been popular for a while, if you had never heard of Justin Beiber until recently, it doesn't make him not popul...
best pickup for cloud 9.........
If it was a roster change FaZe would aim for more than xizt, you don't replace olof for xizt my dude
best pickup for cloud 9.........
you're fucking retarded, he's on a break with personal issues jfc I bet you look at rankings and judge the team's moves by players on the teams
Fix OpTic
MSL over rated within pros, community knows how shit he is
I fix any team
Danish way replacing who? If you're making a 5 danish roster then maybe -Americans +jugi/nato +snappi for igl? Karrigan buyout will be massive, msl is tier 100000 and gla1ve wont leave astralis. Unles...
neo noir BS > FN??
preference imo, i prefer white so I like it in FN
List of dead memes
Apologies for being a fucking retarded cunt. I will read betterly next time
I r8 ur country v2
College/Sixth Form is mandatory now unless you do an apprenticeship, thought it was law to finish secondary/high school everywhere or at least in most first world countries
He finishes school in probably not even 6 months and he's not quitting CS, he's still in a team. What if he quit school, took Envy's offer then did shit, got kicked and ended up with not even a high s...
JUGI to OpTiC confirmed
u wot why not just -Shaz -Stan +Jugi +Snapii Gade needs time, we dont even know if he's good yet
List of dead memes
dat boi is not dead, he still comes back now and again. A meme dies when it becomes normie/cringey key example: Ugandan knuckles Normie memes are dead from their creation, example: Mans not hot Immor...
Smooya typical UK
but that's not Red's fault, CLG were just too retarded to put the man with a kit to defuse
Robiin = cunt.
honestly dont know how smooya isnt in faze for guardian yet, he's so fucking good, it's not even fair he didn't make top 10 players last year, faze wasting their time with slovakian loser, pick up a r...