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ok :(
Brehze top 5 player in the world?
rn device number 1 but if liquid can come back and elige continues his form then elige number 1 for sure. s1mple isnt even in the question, i don't even remember the last time navi played a match apar...
device star player
honestly i think device is really good. he doesnt miss many shots and always plays in positions where he can afford to miss sometimes. but when astralis plays bad he usually plays bad. he relies on hi...
Thank you, I tried really hard :). Turkey major coming soon
USA stop chanting
this is bait but there are people who actually think like this lol. ethnicity =/= race and america was literally built on immigration.
but so did gla1ve. without the crowd, they were both gonna go a.
3-2 Astralis
i think train is pretty 50/50 rn. if astralis win train then they will probably (but not definitely) win nuke and if they win both train and nuke then vertigo should be ez clap.
EU mad
i mean most of the negative stereotypes that come from america come from the south specifically, at least for most europeans. for example racism, obesity, extreme crime, low development in general is ...
EU mad
i agree with you. crowd noise changing how the players play the game is dumb. but yeah its not like the crowd noise there favored any one team. it just changed the round a lot and got in the players' ...
EU mad
if you stop associating trash southern states with all of us we'll stop associating denmark with eu haha
EU mad
"guys its only 12-3 because of crowd noise"
13-2* soz
"guys its only 12-3 because of crowd noise"
only some of us, just like every country :)
they both were playing the crowd wtf. gla1ve turned around and went back b because of the crowd. stan was already going towards a before the crowd noise. you people are so fucking stupid haha
Why so Toxic to Liquid mens))))))))))))))
True :(