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they gained points for just attending the same event as astralis
Royal vs Bad News Bears
Are tenz and rzu brothers. they have the same last name. is it just common name where there families are from or?
Arabian csgo pros
but they're not
Arabian csgo pros
turkish isnt arab
Hours in CS past 15 days
when will people realise that population =/= # of pro players in cs. some of the biggest countries (population wise) in the world have irellevant scenes and some of the smallest have the best scenes.
Most Average Player Ever
no i know but i just feel that at the time period cajun teamed w/ the astralis guys they are no where near the level that are at now, it be for there individual skill or them fixing there choking issu...
Most Average Player Ever
id say the astralis' guys prime are all now tbh but they were no where near bad and he should have done more, just a shame they still had the danish choke curse back then. but only getting 1 event wi...
Most Average Player Ever
cajun and dephh have both been average in there respective scenes/teirs imo.
Most Average Player Ever
it seems quite impressive when you put it like that tbh. only other person that i can think of thats like that is dephh, never low enough rating to be dropped even when they're are better alternative...
Most Average Player Ever
fair point, i only looked @ all matches, my bad maybe cajunb is most average? i don't think hes ever been a star player in a team tbh, not tsm north optic or c9 (i assume) edit: didnt realise you s...
Most Average Player Ever
all of them have a 1.02-1.07 rating, you can't get much more average then that yes ratings arent everything ik that
Most Average Player Ever
shazahm or however the fuck he spells it? maybe freakazoid hes been pretty average since 2016~ es3tag is pretty mediocre too gade is probably the most meh player i can think of though
NiP need to replace GTR.
league only 6??
Danes why is the most successful thing in your country an esports team?