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MIBR shits on envy
Envy had a bad day today, imagine loosing to 2 BR teams in one day
100$ on CHAOS
1v3 2 1 taps
Ow, thanks, i am not tryharding in CS:GO since 2 years, because of the university, but nice tips
1v3 2 1 taps
How someone have a so nice aim? lol, even playing everyday i wasn't having like 10% of this aim skills Nice play bro
Best Animes of 2019
Sorry man, kanata no astra won't have a second season, the manga is already finished and the anime had a closed final
Best Animes of 2019
Kanata no astra Promised Neverland Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2 Kimetsu no Yaiba, i hate all this idolatry behind this anime, but can't say that was not one of the top anime of 2019 I would sa...
invite Gen.G not OG
Yeah, GenG can be a nice team, they need invite to good tournaments
-TACO +Luken
How i said to the other reply, i don't trust the mibr plans, and i have some statistics, ESL One: Cologne 2018 - 07/03/2018, after the Taco kick in SK, they Mibr with Stewie ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 20...
-TACO +Luken
I would agree with you if you tell me that exactly reply in early 2018, but, right now i don't have any confidence on Mibr plans, every time they got nice players, make a brazilian dream team (Or not ...
-TACO +Luken
No please, mibr must stop stealing players form other teams, sharks need to grow up
I Hate Football
+1 So boring and primitive, i don't know how this shit have more viewers than volleyball I don't have been active on the site so i can't reply anymore, so i will edit my post Reply 1: It's literall...
I really love this team, i cheer so much for Sharks, they remerber me something like Furia start in NA, Meyern have potencial to be in top teams, and the players in general fit so nice as a team As a...