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Astralis vs fnatic
If I'm right, in case of Astralis win, they will be the 1st in their group, am I?
Budapest Five vs Movistar Riders
Hmm, hardest possible enemy again?:D MR should be the 1st in their group...
Budapest Five vs Sangal
Thats true, but if there is a hungarian team which can achieve this that is BP5.
Budapest Five vs Sangal
In this case, you simply don't really know the scene right now. And hate isn't the best for you, believe me. Just calm down and don't be pissed off so easy.
Budapest Five vs Sangal
There is a big difference between delusional and normal fan. As there is also a huge difference between normal men and haters. I know that nowadays is cool to hate hungarians and every thing which con...
Budapest Five vs Sangal
Always good to read comment from such an expert and smart little boy:)
Budapest Five vs Sangal
Hardest group I think. Again. And again Sangal. Hope BP5 will get it, but will be be hard...
Budapest Five vs LDLC
Hmm, ofc one of the hardest possible enemy, but GL:D
Endpoint vs Budapest Five
Ofc, BP5 is in the hardest group. Not easy to reach the playoff, but good luck!
Winstrike vs Budapest Five
Ohh, ty! I think it is good 4 us maybe. Hope so
Winstrike vs Budapest Five
Where is bondik?
Budapest Five vs Sangal
Sad for us, bet GG, deserves the win
Budapest Five vs Sangal
I miss that... But there wasn't show on hltv, was it? Cause I check only this site about csgo
Budapest Five vs Sangal
We hope it too:) Btw, I didn't know about Sangal, but now I saw the lu and started to afraid:D If those guys can perform half of their "old" level, few month and they will top20 again. Hope it will co...
Budapest Five vs Sangal
If ever has a chance to beat Sangal is now. BP5 ha s a good period right now. This is a now or never situation:DD