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Auto or manual gearbox? :)
BMW e36 318is -98. Best car I've ever driven, only reason I let it go was because of my inability to fix the electrical issues that appeared after I installed a sound system that was too powerful for ...
Is Audi shit?
Well Im not sure about the newer tsi models, if they still do them. But from the release of them until 2014-15 they wouldnt last more than 140k km before something serious broke. I bought a 1.6l tsi...
SG > AK ?
Yeah in lower ranks maybe and non-prefired angles it is. But since they nerfed the non-scoped aug and lowered fire rate i find it worse than m4
Billie Eilish
Im implying that having a male voice might not be a disadvantage? since there is plenty of succesful artists with male voiceses out there, most men included. Sad I had to explain that to you -.-
Carrying NiP against tier3 opponents. Looks like he will be a perfect fit for a tier 2 swedish team if he doesnt retire after nip. -HS +gtr in gamerlegion
kicked by wallhacking brit
it does not matter since you got the win. Even if you are kicked you can still rankup and shit
Usa is disgusting
Everyone is jealous on countries like Most Scandinavian countries (sweden, norway etc) Switzerland Germany Wealthy countries with free healthcare, good welfare and so on. The only reason someone wou...
Usa is disgusting
The purpose is for everyone to be treated as equals. With your system the people with more money benefits more and people with lower income takes the hit. How is that fair?
kicked by wallhacking brit
You got the victory so why do you care if you were kicked?
Billie Eilish
hahah what? so all male singers have female voice or what are you implying?
SG > AK ?
aug is for pussies
Rating life
Age: 24 Country: Sweden Girlfriend(Yes/no): Since 8 years back Are you happy? Very Drinking: Mostly water rarely sugar soda's etc. Alcohol only twice a year or so. Virgin: Nah Job: Currently studying...
R8 ass 18+
Games crash, no error
Need atleast 12gb vRAM