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I am like a fallen shuttlecock.

Hardest thing to do is to make your own team you wish it be perfect. The way from writing a recruitment post to actually realizing "This is it." To become not just a team manager and in game leader but also your own leader. Leader for yourself. Yourself who will not break until only breaking is the right thing to do, and only.

Best maps are Overpass and Nuke. Those two maps haven't reached the peak in the competitive scene if you consider strategy and tactical side of the game. Those maps are still a creative space for the teams.

Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno and Train are the maps that already reached the peak and teams will not play on them better. Well, they will play better on them by playing without mistakes. But if we talk about new things and stuff to do on the map, it is definitely Overpass and Nuke. Latter, maybe, has been very good on Astralis side. But I think even Astralis can still improve their Nuke. One map lost is nothing to talk about.

Last book I've read: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky.

HLTV is not an addiction. It is the way to express. Writing is good for the brain.

And I love the game of CS:GO.


Bro I did an insane flick right now.
I was using HLTV when my brother entered the room.
He thought that I wasn't studying so he came to peek into my laptop secretly.
As soon as he rushed towards me, I did an insane flick of mouse - my cursor was on post new topic and went straight to closing the tab.
The other tab had maths classes and I was saved.
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