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Petition to rename s1mple...
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs x-kom
Good luck to everyone!
I'll make a NT for you based on your Flag
Fite me
Avengers Infinity War
I gotta admit, it was a great movie, the ending was just abullet into my heart. I really liked the movie and specially how they were able to make Thor a main character that shown more his god powers. ...
tempo storm
A portuguese tournament. Mercedes Benz one, 50k prize pool. They might take it easily.
DH Masters Marseille Winners
You are the type of people that give HLTV the image that it currently has.
i ll guess your irl name
Fallen Cache 15 J
Fox next team
Pretty sure it will be fox, SK needs the power and mindset they had with fox. Cold attributed half of their tournament wins to fox, because he reminded them that they are the best team in the world. T...
Me Feelings... Have a ZeSniper day! -VeryZeSniperGuy
the truth about s1mple@WESG
prime vs trust
none (if you like playing against cheater)
Todays ESL matches
Pretty sure GieTe will stream it on Twitch
God Squad vs Team Killz
I know its the thing people are waiting for the whole day, but in the Showmatch you can have some laughs and have a nice time. Everytime I think on a Showmatch I think on the amazing crowd, (IEM) SIdn...
God Squad vs Team Killz
Anyone else just loves the Showmatches and think it's a great way to get us hyped for the Grand Final?
If FaZe wins the major
Can I give you my url through private messages so you can give it to me now before the price changes?