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Yeah you have to come back meaning it gets boring. For csgo, at least for me, I can't stop playing lol. The thrill of the game never gets boring, but for Minecraft most people, including me for the mo...
Even with modpacks it's boring as hell after a while. Just telling the truth.
I feel like it got overhyped. Like yeah if you play it with friends, it's fun. But its only for a short burst because you know you're only playing for the hype. After a few weeks, you just stop playin...
on your bed
so he's handsome and has a nice smile. Would you want to live like him?
on your bed
a nice smile? you sound *really* fake right now, be realistic and stop telling yourself he has a nice smile. He literally looks like a demon
on your bed
murder the shit outta him. At that point, i'd just kms
Getting a job
Learn programming --> Learn Algorithms --> Leet Code --> Google Interview --> $100K salary
Do I look 16?
very nice thread
Water found on most habitable known world beyond solar system
You think The Guardian is garbage news media?? aight.
ethnicity = nationality
are you mad that stewie and jugi are not representing China because of their (coming from a fellow Chinese) shitty tier 10 teams? With the rise of more international teams, I think it's safe to say th...
Top 10 unskilled pro?
Tony Black
Who is Tony black?
I think French is fine. I'm pretty sure they learn it at school or have had some experience
Don't feel like playing games anymore
That's the problem, I've been working out and just spend most of my time watching YouTube videos or working