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Do you smoke?
Poland were fucked pretty much the worst of all the countries by Germany during WW2, respecc the poles
Need 5 to play
Ty for getting that advert in my head again
C9 Flusha
He’s always been like this, he just doesn’t care about improving or playing for a good team, he just wants to be comfortable and play with friends
C9 Flusha
If he had motivation at any time he would of joined NiP/fnatic the 10000000000000000 times they’ve asked him to, the only time he’s stepped out his comfort zone was that fnatic team in 2016/17 that wa...
Ence coach
Google translate exists, if you didn’t know. It’s just effort having to use it
Ence coach
Talk in English, no one outside of Finland speaks that awful language
s1mple is fake
Yeah when he was 16, probably didn’t give a fuck then. There’s this thing called growing up, clearly you haven’t yet.
S1mple-Electronic best duo?
Olof and krimz locking down B on inferno every T attack there was ridiculous back in the day
S1mple-Electronic best duo?
Did you even watch the last game?
And carried dogshit renenoobs to that $150k starladder tournament in China
vince liar :D
+1 I was confused as fuck when the game came on and henryg and Vince were sat there
shroud talks shit about CS but watching major?
Obviously I’m not saying he was as good as s1mple you absolute cretin. I was just pointing out he usually turned up at the majors for c9, and he was literally s1mple when he played FPL back in the day...
shroud talks shit about CS but watching major?
+1 people forget he was actually pretty good for C9 at majors, and let’s be honest he probably is the best pug/rankS/fpl player ever
Russians on HLTV
How many Kalashnikovs are pointed at you right now
Worst roster change in cs:go history.
-seized +seized will always be the the worst roster move imo hahahahaha navi literally kicked him for being shit and were forced to bring him back cos they were too tight with money to buy electronic ...