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[18+] Virgin Pro Players(i r8 ur list)
Gla1ve is 23 u fukin doughnut
When s1mple cheats on the biggest lans, why ZywOo can't?
This is the wrong CS forum for you, I would recommend
Actually lold, top meme
nifty career
Literally more washed up than the last NV roster, which had SIXER so that says a lot.
Ben Shapiro protestor NPCs
Did i even say I was a right winger? He's just the most reasonable out them, considering people like Alex Jones exist.
Ben Shapiro protestor NPCs
People make out like Ben Shapiro is some absolute right wing nutcase, when in fact he's probably the most reasonable person in right-leaning politics. If people actually listened to him, they'd reali...
vitality igl
It’s NBK, they couldn’t stress enough that happy definitely wasn’t gonna be IGLing this team.
germans come here
legitimately what is the point in even making this thread
Valve doesn't care.
Generic “Valve doesn’t care about CS” thread #124235 asking for the exact same things as every other one. Have you not considered the fact that there hasn’t been many updates recently due to valve por...
Kane 0.09 Rating
LMAO that’s a good one, just read up about it. As if a (sort of) pro player actually said that, fucking hilarious
Kane 0-1-15
You don’t need to know how to shoot people in the head to be able to tell people tactics. The same way a lot of pro coaches in sports either didn’t play at all, or played at an amateur level.
Kane 0.09 Rating
What is the context of this copypasta? Never seen it
good hip hop song for a fragmovie
What style? Old school US? Newer style US? English hip hop?
Fnatic most dominant
Went to the to 24 lans, only placed out the top 4 twice. 18 finals, 2 majors and 3 major finals. The model of consistency, even if half of those were crazy comebacks
Unless get right literally sucks pure dick and sits at like a .80 rating and lower (literally b1ad3 level stats) he won’t be kicked from NiP until he retires, same with f0rest. And we both know they w...