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JW dogshit
vs 0.96 for guardian LMAO
bosnia/serbian choke is so good
Just out of interest, can you link me to the game that space soldiers/ turkey5 beat them? I cannot find i
+18 r8 russian chick
cya in 10
Zywoo shox kennys one day ma friend one day O_O
It’s a copypasta, retard
Furia fluke
You have poked the hornets nest of the Brazilian fans
Karrigan vs glaive
Sounds like gla1ve, their set ups on t and ct side are insane.
Karrigan vs glaive
Yeah I agree, gla1ve seems to go into a round knowing exactly what he is gonna do even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how he wanted, whereas Karrigan is more free form. Although saying that, when he w...
Karrigan vs glaive
I agree but gla1ves mid rounds still seem like something that was thought up before the game, like they have a strat to start off with and then depending how it goes he has 3/4 ways to go after that. ...
Blast should invite t2-t3 teams Tyloo didn’t even qualify for iem Sydney and Vici finished last
+1 fuck RFRSH
Blast should invite t2-t3 teams
Tyloo aren’t even the best team in Asia right now, MVP have been playing better than them on LAN and online recently
wasted spots
I ain’t waking up at 2am to watch liquid play, got better things to be doing
wasted spots
yeah forgot about them, all their games were early so i didnt even notice them hahaha
wasted spots
okay, name the teams you'd put there instead (without saying liquid, navi or astralis as they declined the invite)?