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HLTV ranking pre 2012 ?
Because it was 1.6, all ratings etc were wiped when HLTV moved to CSGO
Best Rivalry?
Yeah and seized claimed he'd been up for 40 hours before the game or something like that, top professional.
Best Rivalry?
LMAO i remember that game, the one that everyone thought that seized threw right?
New FaZe
Fallen can main awp as long as s1mple doesn't want to awp that round, nowadays s1mple is literally 5x the awper fallen is.
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
Polish person calling me a noscener Seen it all now, you are aware Poland has been completely irrelevant since mid-2017 after that run at Epicentre.
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
2 tournaments at the end of the day. As you said, they were 100% on top, but SK did not have an era, they lost far too many tournaments for that.
Astralis era - 2018 - 2018.
You can literally make that argument about SK. Nice “era” in 2016 when they basically only won the 2 majors
God tier team
Niko can IGL anyway, did it with mouz before and now (although admittedly unproven) with FaZe.
valde is smart
147 ADR over a 16-12 game Absolute god.
d0cc - weird full auto
Yeah tbh I don't even like DoCc but this shows nothing.
if devvegod #2
And navi haven’t dropped out the top 3 this year either, so there’s no reason s1mple shouldn’t be #1?
the worst event i've ever seen
I’m guessing you forgot PLG Grand Slam existed then
if devvegod #2
Last I checked NiP were in no way the best team in 2014, yet gtr still was top 1?
It will be s1mple. There is no logical argument against it, except that Astralis won more tournaments this year. Even then, s1mple got the MVP for one of them.
"Since its a Danish site" Top 20 is picked by 2 people, neither of whom are from Denmark. Tgwri1s is from Serbia, and Professeur is from Croatia.