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liquid ranking reset
after 3 months i believe
danes come here
True, day 1 was hard to watch but i'm still hyped for day 2. Especially because of the crowd. Last time was kinda the same but the crowd going wild in the matches of Astralis was really cool to watch....
Sex or Meat?
And what if I am outside every day for many hours (Because one of my favorite things to do is BMX)?
Sex or Meat?
True, i love spinach pizza with mozzarella for example. One of my favourites
0-28 Laugh thread
cause they lost 28 rounds in a row against FaZe and NiP
2-0 --> 2-11
and all of that because they lost against a full eco
Astralis lul
They're looking decent today but tbh Astralis was shit. Their aim was off and they were running into Olofs AWP like i do in mm.
Valve changes = awful
"old gun balance was better, new gun balance is garbage" newfag spotted AUG and SG were the same back then (AUG isn't as overpowered anymore; SG is a bit cheaper and really OP rn but its not a big dif...
The witcher?!?
True, comparing pears with apples isn't the thing to do. Theres a huge difference if an actor doesn't look exactly like the character or if he's got a whole nother ethnicy like african or asian.
Major in Brazil (not confirmed)
Major in Sydney for the boys would be nice
Coldzera hate
Atleast Karrigan is IGL, he isn't much worse than Chrisj in terms of rating rn
Your real name
Fabian, as my name should check out, but literally everyone thinks its because of the name tabsen and fapping
Your real name
You mean brit name Like literally every second brit i met in CSGO had the name James
Top 3 Riflers In Your Country
Tabsen Faven Kito