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Glitched 1v5s in HLTV database (maybe even some other 1vX situations)
"What I assume happened is (since it's the last round) that xsepower or almazer died to the bomb as the didn't move out of the blast zone and one of them was last alive and it also counted the 1v5 for...
FPL Kicks: Year in Review
I think its basically playing counter strike, which contains holding angles instead of p90 rushing every round.
Any SG553 pro player?
I think its pretty good on long range maps like D2 especially on long
Yeah, i feel really bad for Karrigan and Guardian. Both deserve one. And Niko is propably the best player to throw a major final. He was so close but yet so far
Those 2 finals were sick. VP Astralis was competetive on all 3 Maps with an insane comeback on Train, and Faze and Cloud9 on Inferno was propably one of the best maps on a major. Those rounds at the ...
Why can't we just say both are good? You do not always need to compare the games, you can have fun playing both or only play one and let the others have their fun with the other game. In the end games...
Ratsports vs Kustralis
True, as an entry you're just the first one to get to the site and you basically are the one to be traded so you're mates can get into the site
Valve "operation"
True, if the missions stay like that its super easy. Got the stars for this week in some hours which i had a lot of fun in. Its almost as easy as getting the Berlin Major Coin in Diamond =D Rather the...
Xyp9x vs Perfecto
ZywOo>>>>>>>>>> NaVi combined s1mple getting heavily outfragged by seized in 2020 lulw
s1mple vs zywoo
He's a good player but they're not even getting to finals consistently in NA
worst transfers in csgo history ever
True, NaVi just got fucked by Gaben. Imagine S1mple and Guardian both in decent form with Starix as coach IGL. And Edward was at a really solid form back then aswell. He only began to play worse after...