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You are right. Still, they use device's health as a bait to cover up the fact that Blast fucked them up with exclusivity deals. And to me you have to be deeply disturbed to use someone's health issues...
Voting age?
The breaking point is that Chavez told the US to go fuck themselves and that if they want oil they will have to pay for it full price. He kicked out all the major oil vampires that feed on people's re...
Voting age?
I would say most people at 40 are still retards.
Where am I retarded? Astralis use device's health issues as an excuse to skip big and meaningful events. They say they dont want to travel east because of jetlag and device's digestive problems. But ...
astralis era has end
Got cucked by themselves and by rfrsh who pwns them and the shit show they call blast
Switzerland won tbh
+1 would have won if jury knew where Switzerland is lul
Sure. Poor device cant travel for events but can go in dubai for holidays. Its disgusting to use a player's health issues to cover the fact that you are skipping events to make them less prestigious o...
They do it because the company that owns them wants them to play in the tournament they organize and they have an exclusivity deal. They are fuckibg their carreers and soon we will have only the fucki...
Well organized, sure. Fun, sure. Best? No. I love counter strike, this is just some shit BO1 rigged exhibition tournament. Astralis are destroying their legacy over a bunch of dollars. Quite a shame...
Come on, if Brollan has one map off they lose. He is hard carrying Xizt which only buys him more time. He is washed up, time to retire. Sweden best option atm: Lekro,REZ, Brollan, Krimz, f0rest.
Well thats not hard. My dog is better than friberg
Liquid 300iq throw and go to finals vs mibr
No s1mple no coldzera, shit poll
Biggest Shit Show of a Team
By far FaZe. Mibr fucked up big time recently, but they were ok at the major. Faze have been absolute garbage for months because prince niko is destroying it from the inside.
Countries you've personally gone to compared to your home?
From Switzerland. Would say 8/10 for visiting. - Germany 5/10 - France 6.5/10 - Italy 7/10 - Greece 6/10 - Spain mainland 6/10 - Spain ibiza 8/10 - Spain canary island 7/10 - Portugal 7.5/10 - Nethe...