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18+ Twitch Hot
WTF is this really the above mentioned girl? HAHA NO WAY
It's a new language
Is lava dry or wet?
I bet they do, Gopnik genius.
Prize pool CSGO/Dota
Richest orgs
Any org that plays DOTA 2.
Coldzera is the GOAT, prove me wrong
We are not retards to laugh like that, only Hu3 is accept here.
Country with Hottest Grills?
Japanese grills are cute af
Coscu Army vs DETONA
Easy for our b0y Tiburci0.
GTX 1060 ?ów usage
Maybe your shader/shadow settings are too high, or your resolution, idk. Try messing around with it. You can also use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to get the CPU voltage down by 0.05 or 0.08 so it...
GTX 1060 ?ów usage
You are pretty close-minded regarding this. My laptop runs games just as well as my desktop. Price is not issue to a lot of people so it's irrelevant. My laptop has 2 fans so it's always under 75 degr...
germany so tolerant
I have 50% German blood so I get upset as well when people say you can't deny the holohoax but they completely ignore those 2 nukes on the Japs, the holodomor on the ukrainians, the gulags, the agent ...
Best geographic country
Do you know why India is so populated? Because it has lots of natural resources and land for farms. It's an awesome piece of land, can't say the same for the people who populate it tho.
GTX 1060 ?ów usage
I have a laptop with a 1060 6GB RAM and it's awesome for games.
It's still not the name of the country. It's a nickname at most.
Yeah you sound very smart but even you fail to recognize that America is not a country as well.