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was born in 1988 then i sold my soul to the devil. afk
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This Major
half of the shit pointed there is retarded this one seems like a better written statament of an opinion. the worst problems for me are the visas related ones and this stupid rule of players swapping
they can be good in your eyes, for me thorin is only good at history and RL just sucks, there's no talent involved in these guys. I'm pretty sure a lot of people think that way and since you don't, we...
sk laugh thread
shows how much they care about this "Major", they will get legends status, money from stickers and whatever else they earn is a good bonus.
kng is a tool, doesn't matter that is being said and will always be one, he's completely deadbrain. The worse part is that he will continously get bashed on social media, specially by idiots like thor...
shit major ever
if faze doesnt win this major, man.......
virtus.pension looking forward for something else to do already. You can see the passion on these guys eyes.
Dennis killed Fnatic
fnatic killed itself, dont blame a player that, good or bad, did his job, despite some bad moments. Swedish cs is decadent, no fix for it atm
Guardian banned AHAHAHAHAHA
its..... fifa XD
Subroza tier 1
there was a moment in this last game against immortals that he hugged a wall and aimed through it,,,, zzzzzz, ill find it and upload its just ridiculous the black hole between the perform of this guy ...
hope they reach at least major qualifier, xantares, paz and calyx are good, sucks coz they have to play qualifiers online @ crappy turkish internet, so make their job harder
NiP vs TEAM5
nip showed an amazing level of failing hard cs
r8 my pistol 1v5
6/10, aimwise was good, not outstanding, but the enemy warriors failed hard
4/4 eleague predictions
ur prediction is gud +1. i think c9 has a chance to win against ast today and faze wont have an easy game agaist north but in the end they will prevail
top 3 worst pro players
the idea of making a top 3 worst players is fucking garbage.... how can you make much an strict ranking with SO many shitty cs warriors in the pro scene, its like impossible unfortunelly. 1. sixer 2. ...