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WC Format...
should be random draw 100%, very sad to see that the lasts groups choose to decide which country they want to play or which side of the bracket they want to be on
conspiracy vs XXX
+1 i did
Schmeichel Robbed
agree, i just feel bad for kasper he did not deserve to lose
minor qual round 1
i agree, but i see ex envy and sprout taking at least 1 map, the mos even match gonna be fragsters vs kinguin, gonna be a close one
Pelé/Maradona GOAT
6 times ballon d'or winner 4 champions league titles 1 european cup and he has to carry his national team to victory, sorry but there is no discution
Pelé/Maradona GOAT
cristiano ronaldo GOAT /closed
2+ 2 = 5 proof
delet this
dont mess around wit my boy christopher sixer xia, he is a really decent player forced by his silver teammates to main awp when he is a solid support player, so please remove him from this list becaus...
Watching gore/people die - normal???
Happy > Ex6TenZ
x6tenz gotta be the most overrated igl alongside zeus
WC predictions Sunday
Costa Rica 1:0 Serbia Germany 2:0 Mexico Brasil 1:7 Swiss
black mirror
that is the best episode, was one of the first i watched and after that i got disapointed on almost every other episode because that one was way too good
Best in Migos
wait, are you saying that there is a 3rd migos integrant? lul
Furious vs Ex-Rejected
isurus is shit, tf are you talking about
FlipSid3 fix
b1ade to coach, worldedit main awp again and get a consistent player. if is not the solution and markeloff or waylander cant frag or igl then disband