Everything I say should be taken 100% serious!

Some music I like (will try to change this every once in a while):

FAQ (ok let's be serious nobody asks me any questions xD)
fav CS team: BIG
least fav team: FaZe
fav/least fav player: don't really have one. Like many, hate many...
Is CS dying: No, though definitely losing players.
Wanted changes for CS: new operation/change active mappool +Season/Tuscan -Nuke/Dust2
rank: Trash 2
fav music genre: rock/metal
fav band: Rise Against
fav movie/series: Not watching any at all really
fav Sports: Football/Football (yes I like both)
fav teams: Hamburger SV/ Atlanta Falcons

Feel free to PM me for what ever reason...

Might add a list of respectful users here soon
Forum posts
Your Favorite HLTV user
nah people will just get mad cause they aren't on the list and I'll forget some people anyways. Also generally if you are always nice and respectful see yourself as part of the list.
Your Favorite HLTV user
Definitely a far too long list to write here.
Your Favorite HLTV user
can obviously only agree with that :p
R8 song from little known singer
Better than the average music posted here for sure. 7/10.
I guess they'll make new pictures for everyone at the major.
Return to CS?
It has gotten better since the kids left for Fortnite. Generally speaking I'd say even though the player numbers decreased the game quality increased. Also play Faceit and not MM.
Worst skin in cs go?
but then the question is, when do you ever see a sawed-off?!
CSGO News/Jake Lucky???
Apex>Bodyy but besides that really this team wont be much better than 2017 NV.
wouldn't be allowed.
HLTV is a disgrace
yes well if it actually was for the thread you screenshot earlier it's not understandable at all... But then that it happens isn't surprising either... (this thread deleted in 3... btw)
Major Qualifier
Generally every tournament that has most of the top 10 team attending. Sorry that SS were trash in Dallas and Marseille.
FACEIT Major Hype
I prefer it not being that cause if it would probably lead to a lot of random results.
FACEIT Major Hype
well still more than two weeks to go I guess the hype will get bigger when stickers drop lel xD. First of all it'll be interesting to see all the top teams in Stockholm for the first time after the ...
cloud 9 new logo
yes well doubt that it'd be that popular xD.