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I feel like I should write something creative here but I wont.

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Worse than CS:GO, but still a good game worth playing that's basically as accurate as it can get
USA explain
wow you rekt USA :O
brax, ska, hiko, shroud, azk - new team
yes this is just some promo event hosted by 100T.
Missing flag
there used to be a thing called HLTV chat (old chrome extension) where you could change your flag to all the ones available through inspect element. And that list really helped finding some weird ones...
Missing flag
Yes, HLTV uses some kind of 20 year old flag pack for there flags there is no logic in that :D That's btw also why there is no Kosovo flag on the site, cause that flag pack doesn't include a Kosovo f...
Valorant maps suck bad
Oh look it's another Valorant sucks bait :D Though yes maps actually really aren't that good. They all try to have some unique elements for the sake of being different while not thinking about the fa...
if go by how useless weapons are for their price the first buff should be the M249.
Nicu new maps (not)
ye definitely the best workshop map they added to the game, would have rather had that than Vertigo.
Valorant access :(
nah me neither, though I don't really care either. Would play a bit if I'd get one though.
Fuck Valorant
yep like most people should, I was just answering to the OP cause he said he wanted to farm keys to sell to people but anybody that would buy a beta key would be kinda stupid.
Fuck Valorant
When the game comes out it will be free to play so essentially people would be paying for just having early access which they could likely just easily get themselves if they really wanted to. And well...
Fuck Valorant
but the game will be free once it comes out fully are people actually that stupid and pay for a few days of beta...